Monday, September 14, 2009

L's Digital'Ness'


Sean said...

Heyho Laurent!
Just popped by your blog! Your work is awesome man! Glad to see how far you've come!
Hope to see you around sometime!


Ken said...

Laauuuuuureeeeeeennnnttt! It doesnt really work does it? haha

Damn, you got to get a real line tester to speed up the process! Hows the job hunting going?

Oh thanks for the feedback on me site - haha, I came up with lots of amazing names for the book. Just no one noticed the genius :P

By the way... Im really digging this drawing! Phew! Great lighting too :D

Im off to Paris... see you soon!

Ken :D

Kingjameshing said...

Love the Lara Croft style one.