Friday, February 26, 2010

Through the fires of Hell

Was back home for the weekend and had time to bust this out in a day. Taking inspiration from the Animation Mentor classes, I thought anything they can do, I can do....almost as good...maybe! Didn't have time to put the celebratory ending in I wanted.


Geoff King said...

Awesome! nice for just a days work ;)
Annecy this year?

L ROSSI said...

Ha ha - Don't even know where i'm staying or what i'm doing next week.... but I can dream about annecy!

Thanks for props!

Chris Halls said...

Hey man, how's life going? Good to see you're keeping up with the animation and getting into the 3D. Looking very nice, good timing and also the the sort of shock of realising that the little guy's made it at the end. Thanks for your comment too. I've actually just been accepted to do a post-grad teaching course in Bristol. Get to work in the school and get a salary for the year too. Still working on my film, will let you know once I get some animation done for it. Keep in touch and good luck in these cray times.