Tuesday, August 3, 2010

View Through the Window Part 2 : POST - IT!

Salut tout le monde!
At work I sit right by a window, just like I used to back in Dundee, and it's a great place to watch/observe/spy(!) on the people who go outside for a fag break, as the smoker's 'hotspot' is just across the road from me.

I like using my post-it pad because it's always to hand, and because they are so ... disposable I guess... I'm not scared to do a crappy scribble, as I can always peel it off!

'Till the Next,


Ben Ho said...

Very nice L!You should stick them up over the smoker's corner for them to see :P

Kristian said...

I really like these Laurent. Especially the head on the first one. Its a great drawing.

James Woods said...

These are great! They all have so much volume for such small drawings! The girl with the scarf, digging in her bag is one of my favs since she really looks like she exists in a space. Also it's very inspiring to see someone jump straight into feature work right after graduating!

Awesome stuff!