Saturday, November 12, 2011

Everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright…. it's not the end.

Before my updates, maybe some sketches? :)

Some of these date back to the end of September..... The images of people enjoying the sunshine were from the 1st Oct if you can believe it!

So, I moved out of my old flat at the start of September - but more importantly couldn't find a new one to move into….. I started work on a short film to try and earn some extra dough…. and I started at Gobelins….. ALL at the same time!
Couch surfing with all my gear scattered around various friend's places, trying to Storyboard/Character Design for deadlines, ringing adds and visiting flats to no avail, and attending the course I longed to do for a long time, was a typical day during this period....

Was I stressed? No….. I was just tired (mainly of Parisian Landlords and their absurd requirements)…. but kept going none the less….
Anyway! Skip forward a couple of months, and I finally have a place to call my own, the short film is finished despite an unexpected turn of events :S, and I have the first two 3D Animation exercises under my belt with only one more to go!
It wasn't the end :)

Speaking of the short film, here are some stills and a couple of designs. The whole thing was made in 2months - from storyboard to final edit. I was involved in Storyboard, Character Design and Compositing. Unfortunately there was one major spanner in the works, which meant it doesn't look as good as it COULD have, but considering this and the fact that most people were working on it in the evenings(!), I think it looks not half-bad :P

There have been Life Drawing sessions running at the school once a week, but because of my workload, I've always been unable to go. At last this week I went along :)
A lot of the first years are already producing great drawings… but embarrassingly, some of them knew who I was through this blog, "You're Laurent Rossi!?", and I'm thinking, "really!? You like what I do!? when you do awesome stuff like THAT already!!?"…. :'D Salut si vous êtes dans 1ère année :P

I'm not going to post my Animation exercises…. I'll wait 'till the end of the year when the new Reel is ready. But just as a teaser!

We did the 'Marche et Poids', the 'Marche Quadrupède', and have just started the 'Lipsync' (so the last image is only an early render test).

Final Year films start next month, so I can relax a bit…. Oh wait…. (!)

'Till the Next, (whenever that may be!)

P.S Apologies to all bloggers for my sporadic visiting habits…. can you find it in your hearts to forgive me?


Anonymous said...

i forgive you always!x//3 gahwd, you're amazing. the first sketches are just so serene n soulful. especially love the girl n the birds in the first img, second page. gorgeous.! i wish i was that girl. the second storm of sketches i fell in love with as well. the cleaness n that gorgeous complimentary brownish-grey are just SMART. first img, first page i LOVE. that guys face, n expression of (what i read as)calmness in the crowd n moderate interest or simple everyday "everythings ok"-ness. also just adore the mother n her child riding the train. x//3 i could go on and on, since everything is just so cool, n the more you look at it the more you see but i think you get the idea of my <3 for your works. this is great! i'll be looking forward to the next post no matter how long it will be till it appears. :3

Chris Cormier said...

Wow, man, what a brilliant post! LOVE the October sketches and life drawings. So much great work here. This may be the first new post I've seen from you since following, and wow! Amazing. Keep it up!

Dana said...

I dunno if I could ever forgive you, dude : P

You're doing 3D at Gobelins? So awesome :'D I really hope you're having a good time there. I keep dreaming about relearning French and working by butt off to apply there someday.

Those sketches! It's so simple but I really love that one of the mother and son on the subway. It has a lot of sweet emotion behind it. And that short film looks interesting, will it be posted online eventually?

Good to hear that you're doing well, hope your school year goes well!

Gillibean said...

Wow you have been busy! I'm glad its all worked out for you and. Now things caonly get better and awesomer! Haha! The short film looks cool, I look forward to seeing it.

Shuzanne said...

Beautiful sketches! Particularly your observational stuff. Wondered if you use marker for the shading or do it digitally, looks fantastic =)

DSM said...

This diary was good to read. It does sound overwhelming when it's presented to us; you're young and have stamina (and cafe) and you're after something you really want. That means you can sleep well every night after your good work right? And what a group of drawings!

Show us a pic of your flat: is it cool? A view to some neat old buildings?

libra bear said...

Dude, that is an epic post. Was getting a bit worried about you man. Shit, your sooo good and your growing which is brilliant. Mammon a mission. We have to Skype when u got some time.

BTW: I got super street fighter 4 arcade edition. An ie avoided playing it like the plague. Lol

halloumicheese said...

Really nice life drawing! Good luck with everything! :)

L ROSSI said...

Whoa what a great first comment to have :')
I really liked the girl feeding the pigeons.... there's always something unique when drawing children and the situations they put themselves in... as opposed to adults who most of the time are just on their iPhones :S

Aww Cheers dude, I'm glad you weren't dissapointed!

Ooo your a tough one to crack - I guess I gotta work a bit harder to earn your forgiveness :P
Yep doing 3D at the mo and really likin' it..... and hey, there's no reason why you couldn't apply here! You could do like me and apply straight into the final year as you would have already done a course...

Thanks dude! Hope you're keeping well - I've been digging your designs lately! :)
Say hey to Matt - I really should have mailed him :S

Hey there!
Thanks - I do it digitally.... safer that way! :D Though Pro Markers would give a better look...
Check out this guy who is sick with Pro Markers...

I think I'm the only one in Paris who doesn't like café :D
Though yes, I sleep very well :D
Non non non... I don't think I'll be posting photos of my 'Chambre de Bonne'.... very small, no TV, no internet, no toilet (shared with other rooms). Though I do have a balcony (not that that replaces the toilet's function!), with a nice view - 6th and final floor. But hey, It's only for this year and it's cheap! :P

You sly dog you!!!! You have it on PC then? (Don't tell anyone but it's installed on the comps here!) :D

Thank you so much!

Frankie Swan said...

oh man i need some time to absorb all this goodness.
good to see you back again!

Nadya Mira said...

Salut, Laurent Rossi haha

"TORI CAT" said...

Oooo, la la mr Rossi!
Another lovely post as per usual! :)
Really love the girl wiv the wazos... Reminds me of the one u did looking out the window in Dundee with the little girl and mum :)
Also love the mum and boy on the train. Really cute.
The life drawings are stunning... Especially for ur first week back into it again. The model looks stunning.... Well at least u make her look very pretty. Really lovely gestures and lovely fluid line work. Her facial expressions look really cute. I really like them. Top work sir!
The short film is a great achievement. I love the skater girl. The still with her landing on her board has lots of volume and weight to it. I like the sneaky, up shirt, bra shot too. :P
She kinds reminds me of me if I was to ride a skateboard.... I'd be covered in bandages too.... But I don't think I'd move as gracefully. ;) Hee Hee! I think the blue hair could be a new look for me tho!
You shud be very pleased. U achieved a lot in a short time, especially with all the added dramas of moving house, landlords, collage work etc. :)
All the hard work will be worth it in the end! :)
Good luck with ur last cg assignment. You'll rock their socks off! I can't wait to see everything come together!
All the best with all the exciting film pre production, most of all, have ooodles of funage! :D
Keep ur eye out for mr postie!! ;)

Jonathan Lankry said...

Great post !!
SO many wonderful draws !!
Really love your sketches and your desigs :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

Awesome stuff. Love the girl in the top right on sketch image 015.

Helen Ström said...

Lovely to see your work again and to know you're working hard and doing good!! Great drawings!! No wonder you're famous already!! A hug and take care!!

Kristian said...

Firstly wow! Secondly I think I will have to digest this post over the course of a week like Frankie has. one thing I will say is that you never disappoint.

L ROSSI said...

Hey thanks man :)
Take all the time you need - it's gonna have to last you a while so don't eat it up too quickly :D

:D Salut première année!

Thanks TC - glad you like!
The boss man also happened to like the image where we get a sneaky peek at her bra :P

Thank you sir, that's very kind :)

Cheers dude!

:D famous already!? tu me fais rire!
Il y aura un moment peut etre en Decembre, avant que je pars, qu'on peut dessiner ensemble si ca te vas... si ce n'est pas trop froid!

Thanks man! I'm happy to hear I didn't dissapoint!! Just wish I could get to your level one of these days! :D

Ken said...

yo man... lovely work :D When you post its always epic! That film looks interesting too... brings back some memories... haha!

Anonymous said...

So that's what you do when you should be having drinks with us!! :P It's nice, very nice!

Frankie Swan said...

ok im back but this is still mind blowing, way too much awesomeness for me to handle right now.
however, where can i see that short??

wren said...

your sketches are just so superb! They capture so much with such minimal line work. Make more.

L ROSSI said...

Memories huh? :D
Painful or Happy? Actualy, don't answer that! :P
Talk to you soon!

Dude you make me feel bad! :D
The first bunch of sketches were from a while ago, and the second bunch were just from my stints on the metro and waiting outside the laundrette!!
Things should be quieter in a couple of weeks - I WILL CALL YOU :D

Will post a link - maybe - when it goes live :P

Ah thanks. Though that's all I got for the mo! :D

Anonymous said...

Rossi... your level of work never ceases to amaze me.

I live in the South of America and right now the temperature is acting very weird, warm despite it being November. I would love to go to the park and draw some of the people I see there but unfortunately my work lasts around 10-13 hours on average.

These are amazing though - love sketch with the man playing banjo - the composition is superb. I often have difficultly composing a scene quickly and effectively. But your level of work is something I aspire to achieve with a lot of practice. :)

Your film shots are very awesome as well! As are your life drawings. Keep up the good work, bro!

- CJ

Marguerite Dumans said...

Lauuuuureeeeeent ! Wish I was part of the first year from whom you said 'you're already doing this' !!! aha ! Gosh, I keep struggling in life drawing ! But, it IS very inspiring to have you around during those times ! While been in Bomo -easy since u weren't there- I didn't realize you were that impressive at drawing(in many ways) and at animating... Now, from seeing your lipsync even still unfinished(and with ur life drawings) it finally HIT me :D (in ddaaaa faaaace) GAD ! :D Gimme some advices ! Pretty pleeeeaaaaaase !

Anyway, that post isn't (only lol)to praise you,but cheers for showing&sharing all the pretty good stuff u do :)

Where do u live nowadays btw ?

L ROSSI said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment CJ!
I have kind of forced myself to keep up the sketching - that sounds like a bad thing, but it's not! - as I was really getting into it over the summer.
It's definitely hard to do when you work all day long, but just having it in your pocket means that should an occasion arise, be it on the commute or waiting in a queue for lunch etc, you can whip it out :)
I hope all is well with you! :)

Noooo not you toooo! :'D
Thats very kind of you to say... but I don't feel I can be giving people advice when I need to improve so much!
But you can come by the little corner anytime (except of course during Street Fighter time u.u)!
(I can't disclose that information online! :D)

Melissa here! said...

Wow, epic post :) Really liking the linework from your life drawing session. Sounds like you have been busy indeed! Sorry haven't been in touch- mail coming soon! Keep up the good work though and speak soon! :) Mxx

Ken said...

Dude! *checks watch* where are the updates!


jLou said...

Wow wow WOW! I can't wait for your projects!! Eeeeeee! That's so exciting! And those life sketches----aaaah, diggin those profiles! We should get together one day with friends and have an art jam! I want to travel now T_T but I must become a professional first so I can afford the trips! Lol. I'm just inspired right now xD
Best, jLou

Anonymous said...

We've talked about it a little and although I spend half of my day at work, I do find some time for a study or two! ♥ Thanks for being an inspiration.

L ROSSI said...

Hey there! Thanks a lot :) Hope you're keeping well!

Updates? huh? u.u

lol Cheers! Well make sure Paris is on your list of destinations when you start earning your millions and that might just happen! :P

I stopped by and I'm glad you do find time for a study or two! :) Keep up the good work!

Ken said...

updates as in awaiting a new blog post :D

Ty Carter said...

Beautiful work!!

L ROSSI said...

Taddaaaaaaa! :P

Wow thanks Ty! Love your paintings btw!! :)
(Would like to see the Dream Giver too at some point!)