Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Out

Some sketches from my quick visit to Annecy for the Animation Festival. Even though it was just 3 days, it was enough to give the brain a needed rest, ready to attack the final stretch of the film. Nice to see a few familiar faces too n.n
Quelques esquisses de mon séjour rapide à Annecy. Ça fait tellement du bien d'avoir eu trois jour pour reposer son cerveau pret pour la derniere ligne droite pour le film. C’était sympa de voir des gens qui je n'ai pas vu depuis un moment en plus n.n

'Till the Next,

P.S Space Stallions was EPIC. Watch it now! :D


Kristian said...

I say wow to all of these.. Wow I tell you Wow!
The third one down. I love the reflection of the people awesomeness

Claudio Cerri said...

Very good work (again).

libra bear said...

That 3rd one down is just showing off now :)

I really like the colour work in the 2nd, the no line approach. I might try that.

SPACE STALLIONS!!!! Man I swear that was my favourite screening.

Great work bro, where the film???!!!

Frankie Swan said...

your too good man!!

DSM said...

I remember what a good time you guys had last year. Enjoy!

messytimbo said...


the bottom left is my pick, takes me back...ah!

Space Stallions!

tiffannysketchbook said...

Oh i so love your sketchbooks.

jLou said...

Oh yes, 2-3 days of break is normally enough to recharge ;) I like that you use a variety of mediums! I'm starting to get back with brush pens myself.

L ROSSI said...

Awww cheers man! It was the reflection I was drawing first, and then the guy infront stood up to talk to a friend, so I added him in :P

Thanks again Claudio! I appreciate it! n.n

Heh heh thanks man.
That film was of the hook!!
Speaking of films, ours is in the bag!!!!! It will be coming to you via the wonders of the web very soon!!

Too kind Frankie! Thanks for the support!

Hey thank you! I didn't actually go last year :D In fact it has been 4 years since I went! But the place doesn't change! :D

Thanks dude!! Café des Arts is just round the corner ;)

Thanks so much Tiffany! Hope all's well with you!

Cool! I always admire other people's brush pen, so I try to incorporate but I don't think I've quite got the hang of it yet :D
Starting tomorrow I have another 3 day break n.n Hopefully you'll hear about it soon ;)

Ken said...

Oh man! I had gotten so used to coming here and not seeing anything new ;) what a nice surprise :D

Lovely lovely stuff! Wish I could do observational drawing like that


fados do lar said...

I really like the coloring work you make. Nice job.