Friday, October 12, 2012

Mets la Fossette Lombaire


Poses between 20-25min

'Till the Next,

There is still 2 weeks if you want to win an original One Day Drawing - check out the post below for details.
Il vous reste 2 semaines si vous avez envie de gagner un dessin original One Day - regardez le post en bas pour les détails.


fados do lar said...

Wow! Amazing work!!!

Frankie Swan said...

oh shame so thats how you do it!
these are brilliant. i must try harder in my classes.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Very nice! Love the solid forms.

Chris Cormier said...

Wow! Amazing work, man. Hard to pick a favorite there; they're all fantastic!
I'm still marveling at your last post, too, and the time you took to answer everyone's questions and comments. You're a class act, my friend. Cheers!

Nölwenn Roberts said...

Don't forget, Place tes axes! :D
I really like the way you draw shadows! Those drawings are all awesome :)
Even without... Fil à plomb.

Helen Ström said...

It's getting solid and constantly better! Hard work gives progress, that's for sure!! Congratulations Laurent! Sorry for my french accent on the phone! :(

Xavier Sailliol said...


Kristian said...

So Strong. Solid construction my friend. The top image is beautiful. I love the way you have rendered the back

messytimbo said...

these are serious man! the top is killar!

hope life's well!

Tom Law said...

Solid drawings man. Super well done!

Donna Hyun Lee said...

I love your line work! They're all amazing :)

Théo said...

Awesome drawings, man!
Great motivation material, thank you for sharing!

nicolas bauduin said...

Love the title of the post ! ;)
Drawings are amazing as usual.

L ROSSI said...

Cheers!! n.n

:'D That's how 'I''ve been doing it... doesn't mean that's what people should do! I'm pretty bored of these technical classes (not bored - I always learn a lot... it's just I wanna try an experiment a bit more :S)

Thank you!

:') Pleasure dude!

Merci mlle Roberts!! n.n
(Je sais meme pas utiliser un Fil à plomb :'D)
J'espere que les vacances se passe bien! Tu me manquerai demain au cours! A la semaine prochaine!

Thank you!!
Heheh, I got there in the end ;)
I will be in touch verrrrry sooon!!

Thanks! n.n

Cheers man! :)
The teacher hates the fact I sometimes smudge the charcoal - she says it 'dirtys'/degrades the drawing.... but I like havin that contrast of soft shadow against more harsher linear type shadows...

Thanks Timbo!
Glad you like that one - the model is pretty funny - sometimes he keeps his shades on :D Must be sensitive to light for some reason.. :3

Yay Tom!!
I wanna hear how things are in CalArts!! I'll catch you soon via the wonders of elecronic mail :3

Thank you so much!

Thank you kindly!

NICO!!! *o* C'est trop bien! Je suis trop content d'avoir un commentaire de toi x)
Merci Chef!!
J’amène des peintres demain :P

jLou said...

Doooood~ I'm always afraid of foreshortening poses >.< you seem to be so confident tho! my favs are the one with that lady laying down on her back and the man wearing glasses below :)))

Toddington Setter said...

Great form, Beautiful work.

Ken said...

these are all pretty yummy

Bruno G. Valencia said...


L ROSSI said...

I'm afraid of the completely side on poses X'D I like hiding parts of the body behind other parts..
Thank you!

@Toddington Setter

Num numnum

Thanks :')

Ophelie Cohen said...

Les lumières, les volumes, tu les rends tellement vivantes sur tes nus! C'est sublime.