Sunday, November 11, 2012


I Think I Know What You Know I Know :P

'Till the Next.


Théo said...

Strong Hopper feeling on the house, third pic.
J'adore, comme toujours.

Gribouilli said...

excellent comme d'habitude.

Helen Ström said...

Hopper feeling and Chloé feeling too!!! : )
Like them all very much but some "stand out to my eyes"!! :D
PS: Was "the driving car drawing" done just before the accident? ;)

Kristian said...

wonderful collection of sketches. You really fill the page. I love sketchbooks like yours. It's like the journal of an explorer. Awesome!

jLou said...

supa cool!

Sergio DS said...

What an excellent sketches, I like it.

SalBa Combé said...

I love the house sketch!
Amazing all!

chatchai buthem said...


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Cool stuff!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks everyone n.n

That wasn't the journey when it happened :D, mais c'est exactement la même vue j'ai eu quand j'ai regardé la voiture remplit tout la vitrine O.O

Hee hee thanks man - I've noticed ever since summer 2011 I'm more interested in drawing 'moments' - something that reminds me of a time and place, just like a journal. Even sticking stuff in! :D
I was gutted as I actually lost my current sketchbook.... but a friend found it two weeks later! So the journal continues :P

Stine Sæthre said...

Already told you, but very nice sketches, Laurent! :D (couldn't help but seeing rotation and translation on that horse leg now ;P)

L ROSSI said...

X, Y, Z is everywhere!!! ;)

fados do lar said...

Great sketches; love the color work you do know and then. Has been a while since i last visited your blog, and i am really happy with what i found! Nice work!! :)

Kenneth said...

I know you know that I dont know what you're talking bout.

But awesome work as usual bro :D

christelle said...

I love the way you managed to catch facial expressions or light, it gives a relieving ambiance. really cool.

Nicholas Hong said...

incredible sketches!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks! I missed ya :P

:D Awesome!
Thanks very much!

Thank you! I'm glad you like the lighting - it's something I love to add n.n

Cheers! :)