Sunday, March 31, 2013

Back When....

... not even the snow nor ominous dusk could smother the wildfire.

Sorry if I come across a little excited but I do have some rather

AMA☆*:。. o(≧▽≦)o .。:*☆ZING


ONE DAY was selected for the Annecy Animation Festival this year!!
I'm "chuffed to bits" (Sam ;)) - So I hope you all can make it and look forward to catching up! n.n
Well done to the team and everyone who helped out!!

ONE DAY était sélectionné pour Le Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy cette année!!
Je suis tellement content et j’espère que vous pourrez aller tous et j'ai hâte qu'on se retrouve là-bas! n.n
Félicitations a l’équipe et tous les gens qui nous ont aidé!!
'Till the Next,

And BONUS! Awesome video I was shown, that I thought I too would also share. I have sooo much to say about this video, but I'm guessing that will have to wait for another time.

Et aussi je partage un vidéo que j'aime bien, laquelle je vais en parler plus une autre fois.


fados do lar said...

that must be really great news :D
very good!
congratulations :D:D

DSM said...

Yess yess yesss! Congratulations and a slap on the back!

Stine Sæthre said...

Again, congraaaaats!!!! Hope all is well on your vacation~

Elaine Wu said...

woww! congratulations!! :) it's an amazing short!

Charlotte Cambon said...

ouiouioui félicitations!! j'ai hâte de vous retrouver à annecy, on pourra fêter la nouvelle :)

Matt Timms said...

wow man, big congrats! :) enjoy being a VIP

L ROSSI said...

Thanks everyone!!

Yesss!! Tu y iras! Ça sera cool!! n.n J'espère que tout vas bien dans le sud!

:D Can't wait!!!

Brigitte said...

J'adore ton style! J'aimerai bien passer une session à Gobelins. :o

Tammy Chang said...

You have some really beautiful work!
And congrats for animating on Despicable Me 2,
it must have been such an awesome experience!

Marguerite Dumans said...

J'aime beaucoup tes dernières updates Laurent :) is that what you look like nowadays ? I like the way you pass from sketchbook drawing (seems like it ?) to an illustration touch with the lens detph and colours :) Nice feeling to it <3 ! Just next time, remember to smile upon it :P hehehe Again, BRAVO for the selection, and meet u there !

L ROSSI said...

Merci beaucoup! :)

Thank you kindly!
(It was pretty cool :) Though sometimes super super super hard :D)

Merci Anne :)))
Oui c'est moi - à peu près :P
Ah mais tu sais que je souris le plupart du temps! X)
I'll look foward to seeing you! (Et toi aussi t'as un film sur grand écran cette année! n.n)

Adam Roberts said...

Hi Laurent,
Was good meeting you today and thanks again for the advice :)
dont know why I never commented earlier, your work is so good, definitely be commenting more as a whole with blogging

jLou said...

YAY congrats!!! :D

Michael Plummer said...

Well done man, congratulations!

Charlotte Cambon said...

crazy drawer in the windooooow!!

Nikhita said...

This is such great news! Congratulations you guys really deserve it! :)