Saturday, November 9, 2013

Broken Nose

I said once before that any day that has Life Drawing and basketball in it, is a good day. I'd like to add a disclaimer to this statement;
"unless you get hit with a flying elbow to the face and spend 3 hours waiting in ER just to be sent home with some scotch tape and cotton pads and told no basketball for 2 months when you already missed 3 months due to a knee injury which you were just getting over" :3

For now, some sketchbook work!! ^^

Mlle Roberts

Cesc and Marie

I recently just finished my latest carnet after 6 months..... which was the longest lasting one I've had since I started keeping sketchbooks just over 3 years ago. I guess I was all sketched out after my 2-in-1-month effort in the States, that upon my return, I just lost interest in drawing.

Well after a very embarrassing attempt at a drawing I did for a friend's birthday, and upon spending time with Bournemouth folk who's passion for animation was infectious, a certain fire inside of me was rekindled.
Now where would one go with this rekindled'ness? LGC of course! ;P

As for the rest of that fateful day, all I can say is that the most rowdy Muay Thai crowd would have paid big money to see that flying elbow to the face and the trail of blood splatter I left across the court (It was an accident btw :D ).

Hopefully my drawing habits as well as my nose, will click back into their rightful place imminently n.n

45, 25, 25, 5, 5, 5 minutes

'Till the Next,

En bref...
J'ai prit un coup coude dans le nez - cassé :( Pas de basket pendant 2 mois (pourtant j'ai déjà raté 3 mois a cause d'un blessure au genou, dont j'étais presque guéri!)
J’ai envie de dessiner plus après quelques petits déclenches.


Stéphanie said...

Am I being mentioned ?

L Rossi said...

Yes. Yes you are n.n

Kristian said...

Sorry to hear about your nose my friend.
The life drawings are incredible

Ben Ho said...

I know how you feel mate. I recently broke my collar bone playing football. Waited 1.5 hours before the ambulance turned up and waited a further 2 hours in hospital for the doctor to take a quick look and send me back home with just a sling. Its been a little over 2 months I think and Im just getting back to the sport. Hope you recover well mate.

Nölwenn Roberts said...

HAHA! Brad qui? :D
I hope you'll be fine soon!

I really like the two last life drawings :)

L Rossi said...

Thanks man! :)

Ah no! I think I'd rather choose the nose over the collarbone :D I mean, the nose doesn't really move - it just sits there. The collarbone moves a hell of a lot in all tyoes of activity - glad to hear your almost fixed though n.n

Ummm... Brad qui?? XD
Merciii! Je mettrai plus demain!!!

fados do lar said...

These sketches are so good, and i really like the color work you do! Thank you for sharing!

jLou said...

Awesome studies! Love the last post too =D

And oh nose! Hope you recover well!

L Rossi said...

Thank you Ana!

XDD That made me giggle!
Cheers Jamie!