Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deep Breath Then Dive

"I feel my heart twist and turn But I feel it beat"

(Don't ask me how her right arm was bent like that - I just drew what I saw, ok! :3 )

'Till the Next,


Frankie Swan said...

BEAutiful!your skills are unsurpassable.

Kristian said...

Fantastic! Each and everyone
Bon bon bon Lau-rent!

Nölwenn Roberts said...

C'est vraiment super Laurent! Ils sont toujours incroyable tes croquis... (=

L Rossi said...

Awww! Cheers my man :'))
I hope you're keeping well these days and that 2014 is a good'n for ya!

Thank you sir, it means a lot!!
I'm wondering if you took the plunge into the Cintiq world yet? :3

Merci mlle Roberts!! n.n
Désolé j'ai prit la dernière place :3 J'espère que tu sera la cette semaine!! (et que je serai la aussi bien sur XD)

Tammy Chang said...


smi said...

woow ! De mieux en mieux dis donc ! :D

Katerina Pantela said...

I am always excited to see your life drawing :)

Ken said...

Hey bro,

It's been too long! Stunning life drawings as per usual.

What are you drawing with?

Catch up soon!


L Rossi said...

Thank you :)

C'est vrai!? :'3

Aww thanks, Katerina! I'm glad because it's all I seem to be posting these days :'D

Aww man you're damn right!! :S
This weekend bro!! ;)
Ummm - top lot are with an Ebony pencil I believe (with of course post-photoshop'ness), the second lot are all with a Conté Sanguine Pencil (sometimes adding water to soften the tonal areas) and the last couple are also done with that pencil but colour added with Photoshop n.n
Hope you're doing well!! :)

Charlotte Cambon said...

Oh c'est fort! et plein de caractère
(et mondieu, ça sonne comme une pub pour du fromage)
merci pour la musique :)

Marguerite Dumans said...

Always such a pleasure to come on ur blog -from time to time !- to see IF there's an update ! And everytime, there's actually more than ONE ! =} Seems like doing troidé didn't wreck AT ALL your drawing sensitivity, quite the opposite actually ! =} Nice nice ! =D (If you were still at the Gobz I'd definitely rooooob a sketch from you B-)) hehe.

L Rossi said...

XD LrossiArt=Fromage
C'est tout à fait ça ;P
Je t'en prie! Et comme on est la, essaye Bomboy Bicycle Club - So long, see you Tomorrow - je les ai vu en concert *w*

Always such a pleasure to hear from you, Courtin!! n.n
wow thanks :'3 But I was only just thinking the other day how much I've fallen behind compared to people who actually draw at work :S Mais merci en tout cas!
J’espère on se verra bientôt!

Santiago Montiel said...