Monday, December 21, 2015

A la Prochaine

This will be my last Life Drawing Session for a while… and the last one in Paris for longer than that :’)

I’ve been sorting through 5 & ½ years worth of Life Drawing - deciding what to keep, what to throw away, what to give away… and hopefully, if it works out, what to sell.

All the Life Drawing you see on my Blogspot/Tumblr is up for grabs. At some point, when all is settled down, I will be setting up an online store in some form or another and look forward to being able to send my drawings off to good homes instead of keeping them on a shelf :)

Merci infiniment, Paris. Un des plus grand plaisirs ces derniers 5 ans était de dessiner dans tes rues, tes cafés, tes ateliers, tes musées, à l’école et au travail… soit tout seul ou entouré par des amis. Je continuerai en pensant a toi.

'Till the Next,


Nölwenn Roberts said...

Paris will miss you... The new city will be lucky to host a great artist like you!! Can't wait to see new drawings from there ;)

L Rossi said...