Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Other Art Fair NYC 2017

The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn was a great experience. It was my first time exposing my work in a serious capacity and although the preparation was quite stressful, the weekend went well and I was happy with the success I had :)

Some of my favourite pieces were sold, which is a weird sensation as they are now on the walls in people’s homes, but I was happy to make some $$$ to pay for the whole trip and of course have less to carry back :’D

An awesome surprise was when a lady bought my favourite piece she told me that she had attended a talk given by the Chief Curator of Saatchi, Rebecca Wilson, in which Rebecca had picked me out (as well as a few other artists at the Fair) as one of the artists to look out for!! *o* You can see that video HERE. I come in around 8:42 I believe n.n

As always, originals and prints are available here;

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