Monday, January 18, 2010

Max is Mad

So after Lieutenant Dan (the little ball with legs), I decided to up the stakes with something meatier! Though for my next acting piece, i'll plan it out and decide what i'm doing beforehand, rather than winging it - too much time is lost faffing over a pose that doesen't work in the first place.

I'm much happier working with Maya - finding stuff out as I go - though there are times when the simplest actions seem to be a gigantic problem!
For instance, even though I changed the image dimensions in the render settings, it still comes out square rather than widescreen. Hmmm..... Answers on a postcard to.....well, just leave a comment - that'd be easier.

On with the next - More CG to come!


"TORI CAT" said...

Love it!!!.... (and love you too!!)
I really want to go thru it frame by frame and slowly watch all the attention to detail you have put into him!!
He really looks alive. You can really see him thinking at the start and when he gets angry, i love how his shoulders kinda shrug and he squints and slams his fists!!
Fantastic Job Bub!! What a great start!!
MORE!!! I cant wait to see more!! :)
x x x x

Geoff King said...

Very nice ;)
Im sorry i cant really help with your technical problem, CG animation can be so illogical. I understand you've jumped into this one but if i may,. you should try referencing yourself. I know it feels better to go without it but whenever i shot myself (with a camera) i always get a better result and i generally learn more in the process. Especially when I started learning maya.

It really is a great start! Love the Lt Dan Run too, i think i can see your feel in there somewhere, i dunno.

Looking forward to more ;D

Kingjameshing said...

Awesome dude! Like the hands, its all about the hands and eyes!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks for the feedback guys - Geoff, i'm glad you only shot yourself with a camera(!)

libra bear said...

Sorry for the late response dude, behind on the old "checking emails, facebook, blogs etc" This looks great, love the movement and your growing super fast as an animator, I think acting is the hard part, What Geoff king says is good advice me thinks. I also think it may have too many poses. By the way, wanted to speak to you and Tori, Is alright if I call you tonight or 2moro? Hope your good bro.