Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where was IK when I needed it!

So here we are again. Another piece of CG dialogue, this time a bit longer than the last.

I only found out about IK/FK after I had just finished this, and so that would have saved me a lot of time had I had known - counter animating the arms on the table to the body was not fun...... But we live and learn for the next time!


Geoff King said...

Awesome,very subtle stuff! love that gesture just before 'aint nobody..' nice lipsync too :)

Kingjameshing said...

Awesome again Touch, one crit - The hand bounce on the table looks alittle floaty. Think it could do with speeding up.

Had a dream with you in it last night ;)

libra bear said...

I agree with the comment regarding the hand bounce, but the acting, animation.....Dude, i'm feeling it!!!

anniemated said...

great job, i love the subtlety in acting, very convincing facial expressions and lip sync too :)