Friday, September 24, 2010

Crunch Time

What is Happening Dudes!

This has been the longest pause in posting since I came to Paris.... and it is indeed beacause things are getting heavier with the work!
I have worked the last 3 of 4 Saturdays, and our quota has been increased... funny thing is, I think I've gotten better over this period ( but I'm rather tired though!).

And yet here I am posting the little bits I have done over the last month (N.B the difference in quantity of post-it drawings from a couple of posts ago!)

Hope this finds everyone well,

'Till the Next,



"TORI CAT" said...

WOW!! I cant believe how animated your post it's look compared to your older ones!! I loved your old ones.... and UBER Lovin these ones!! They look ace!! The girl chomping on the noodles is awesome!!!!
hee hee Awwww lil' Wazo. He's really cute. At first i thought he had head phones on!! ;)
Your lil quick sketches are looking so fluid and natural! That portrait of the couple looks stunning... Looks like they kept really still and posed just for you!! ;)
Keep them comming!!

L ROSSI said...

lol they did - Its Louis and his girlfriend , Claire, from Tues night....10-15min.
Thanks for the thumbs up! :)

messytimbo said...

yo! hope your good bruvah!

these are looking fresh, love the brid.

maarten said...

cant believe i never visited your blog before.. amazing artworks. love your designs and your observational sketching.

I see you are working in paris.. what is the animation scene like there? I am hoping to study animation in france in the future.

L ROSSI said...

Hey Tim - thanks! I'm all good, almost coming to the end of Titeuf now! Let me know how things are with you!

Hi Maarten, thanks for stopping by!
In my opinion, Paris is great for 2d animation, there are quite a few big productions going on and coupled with the artistic culture in general, it's a great place to absorb and learn.....
Hope you get the opportunity you're after!

Ashley Boddy said...

I like the ink stuff more than the pencil work...seems braver and the sketches (even if they're quicker) seem more considered with the poses and line work selling the feeling of a situation more. But I guess that's because it's ink and you have to make a decision which you can't undo...why is there no ctrl-z for life? Do they have an app for that yet...?