Friday, October 15, 2010

Art Of........

Everyone working on the film was asked to do their version of Titeuf - which could have been interpreted in many ways - so I decided to do me, in the "style of" 'Titeuf le Film' ( I whacked the crazy hair on the top for good measure!)
The film is coming along nicely and what i've seen of the final comped shots, it looks pretty sweet!
Hope everyone's OK!
'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

Hee hee!!
Love it!! My sexy fella.
The hoodie looks sweeeet and i'm loving the coloured line. The lighting is ace. He looks really volumeuss. I like the bulding eyes. Hee hee ;)
Can u turn me into a Titeuf pweeese? :) hee

"TORI CAT" said...

PS, your my lucky number 7th comment.
Thanksyooou ;)

"TORI CAT" said...

PPS, Im commin to Paris next week!! ;)

Ken said...

WHOA! dude its awesome! By far my favourite... I did such a shoddy sketch... damn you!

Melissa said...

heehee.. cute!