Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't try this at Home.....

....Or just don't try it, period!


With a need to try and animate something, and a lack of animation paper or a computer, I reached for the trusty 'post-it' pad and attempted animating a dialogue......

Looking back, it wasn't the best idea! Pages peeling off and curling (I needed to flatten it under 'heavy'ness' every night), the small size, the problem of barely being able to see through the paper, and just the fact you can't actually roll as you would do animation paper! ("mutters profanity under breath"...)

With these 3 best takes, I've had to speed up sections just because I found it was impossible to flip in 'Real Time'... which I had originally planned to do....LOL, yeah right!

'Till the Next,

(If anyone is interested, here is a 'highlight video' of a basketball match with the team I play for in Paris.... Im no.5!)


Brandon said...

you do incredible work. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad I found yours

Ken said...

haha dude this is coooool. Nice animation too. You nutter. Hows things??

Ken said...

hey man! Got your message :)

Nah I left Ink last week, so Im back to freelancing whooo! Good times :D

Thanks for the link, Im gonna post that I reckon. You back in the UK for now?


L ROSSI said...

Yep, in the U.K for now, planning on working on my own stuff for you know what!
I have a couple of months.....

Will drop you a proper email soon!
Hope you got all your money in the end! :/


Nicola Coppack said...

This look so good, and to think you managed it on post its! genius!