Friday, December 3, 2010

Glen Keane Masterclass with Subtitles!

So as promised, I have uploaded a highlight video from the talk Glen Keane gave at Fnac, Paris, in November.

Some things you have probably heard before, but I could listen to him talk about animation over and over just because he speaks with such passion and conviction (which still come through when he's speaking in French!). The 'Tangled' (Raiponce) stuff you wouldn't have seen before!

Subtitles courtesy of yours truly! ;) And thanks to TC for the extra video clips!!

'Till the Next,


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Chris Halls said...

Hey man, cheers for the comment. Yeh, the course is good and finish for the year this week, so on to the xmas shopping. How's the film going? Funny seeing the illusionist newspaper drawings again, seems a lifetime ago...

P.S. I've finished my animatic....just need to add sound fx and music. Will let you know when it's ready for reviewing...