Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apple Store World Tour(!) UPDATE

There is a long story to this, but the short one is that I went away, forgetting my laptop charger, and needed to finish this scene before my Maya trial version ran out - ended up working at the Apple store at The Louvre, Paris, and the store at Oxford Circus, London (I wasn't going to buy a charger for a couple days). I was stood in both stores, animating, plugged into the display units' chargers, whilst all the commotion that is the Apple Store swarmed around me! :/ (I am thankful they let me use the facilities though!) Will be heading back home tomorrow.

A rendered version will come soon.... Thanks for all your help Paul!!
'Till the Next,
UPDATE: Rendered version has been added 31.01.2011


"TORI CAT" said...

Loving the breathing at the start. Its great to see you do some fast paced animation too. I just wanna see more!
Full credit to you working on it in the apple store.. not sure if i could have done that.
Looking forward to seeing the rendered version :D
Cant wait to see ur next piece of Animation Magic too!
Keep 'em coming! :D

Rustam Iralin said...

thank you for your blog posts! you inspire me to learn more about animation..I m from Moscow and am trying understand what school to go to do animation( stud this art). I would love to have a chat with you some day or contact on Facebook(Rustam Iralin). Cheers

L ROSSI said...

Thanks for your kind comment :)
I'm not on facebook, but you can always email me or leave any questions in the comments - I will do my best to answer them!
All the Best,