Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Been Sometime...

...since I spent a solid amount of time sketching. I think the cold doesn't invite us to stay out too long - and one thing I noticed in the freezing Gare du Nord, was that my left hand (holding the book) was considerably colder than my drawing hand...... Now, I find it hard to believe that drawing in an A5 sketchbook can generate heat, but maybe just that tiny bit more blood flow required to hold the pen and move the hand around made all the difference :D Anybody else notice that?

These are from various stations, cafes and shopping centres;

One small thing I thought i'd share with you is something I might try....
When drawing people quickly, I have a habit of drawing from top to bottom (or the torso first), but they are always gone before I can get a good look at the legs! And so, often, I ruin a sketch because the legs weren't as observed and are just these dangly things, floating. I thought maybe I would spend less time on the upper body and focus on the legs. That way, hopefully, i'll get good enough at doing legs that even if the subject moves off, I would still know how to do 'em! :)

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"TORI CAT" said...

Oooola la laaaa!!
You have been a busy bunny!! (LAAAPAN!!) ;)
So much great stuff, you are getting better and better at this quick observational stuff with every post!!!
I remember back in the day of the old AIB, we went to the 'Square' to go sketching.... and you were sooo frustrated!! Well that must be a good 4 years ago now... and wow!! Your certainly got it going on now!! :D

Anyways, Im loving the girl with the orange coat and REALLY loving the little gray ones!!
Im really diggin' how you caught the angle of the people in "Touch to begin". I can tell you were at a higher level then them, spying down on them.

Two thumbs up and a 'Borat' "Hiigh Five"... its a nice!! :D

Well done 'WD'!

rufus blacklock. said...

Lovely sketches Laurent, real clear and full of attitude :)

Simon Webb said...

Some really great sketches here, I've always found the quick ones to be some of the hardest, especially with just getting the basic form. I'm really hoping i'll be get alot better at them once before I finish uni! haha But seeing 'Tori Cat''s comment gives me some hope. Great drawings i find them quite inspirational!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks guys!

@Tori Yeah I remember that day! :) You are right, I was high up the top where the army men were also keeping a look out :/

Kristian said...

Monsieur Rossi,
Amazing drawings are per usual. I have similar troubles with observational drawing. I find it frustrating when someone is standing in a great dynamic way, and I desperately try and capture everything and come out with nothing. Maybe I'll adopt the 'Legs' way. Wonderful animation below.

Magnus Kråvik said...

Really nice observational stuff :) I've been looking at your stuff in awe since I came to to AUCB 18 months ago and I really appreciate your animations (2D and 3D)!! I keep checking your blogs and youtube profiles for new inspiring updates.

Thanks for your kind words on my animation show reel from 1st year :) I'm struggling with my drawing skills and the acting within my animations, but it's getting there... slowly but safely :)

All the best,

Michael Plummer said...

cheers bud, was gonna say you've been a busy bunny but i see tori beat me to it! love the guile drawing!

Janine Chang said...

These are really great sketches!!!
Good luck and don't catch a cold!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks everyone!

@Magnus - Stop, you're making me blush! Hope 2nd year is treating you well!