Saturday, January 8, 2011

On Recommence....

'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

I really love your signature colours. Hee hee ;)
The 2nd drawing in brown pencil is my favorite.
I remember watching you draw her and you make it look so easy!!
I can't help but see little faces on the bum's of the colour quickies!! hee hee ;)

All togther, another great post WD!!

Love and gumpf


Nubian Greene said...

This and the last post are great.

Nice stuff!

Ken said...

whoa dude! You never said you could draw!!

haha! I jest. These are awesome, beautifully executed lines. Yum.

Freckles said...

Really really lovely sketches.

libra bear said...

Whoa, where do I start, a range of styles here, they look awesome. Im in love with the finger painting it really forces you to loosen up and gives results you probably wouldnt get otherwise. Simple, loose, beautiful, you still in paris?

L ROSSI said...

Thanks everyone!

"Simple, loose, beautiful..."

Wes, are you still talking about finger painting there? ;)
I sent a 'Happy New Year" mail to you..... did you not get it? :(