Monday, January 17, 2011

Aaaargh..... My Eyes!

Hey! So i've been working on this for maybe 3 weeks now and i'm looking forward to having a break from the screen! You know when your eyelids uncontrollably flicker..... yeah, I got to that point pretty quickly!

It should be in HD, but if not, Full Screen and click at the bottom...
UPDATE: There's a frame missing when his arm drops, so it skips :/

So as you know, I wasn't always a CG man... "CG Sucks" is an easter egg in the opening shot of my grad film (if you can find it!)... but I always liked watching good CG, and pretty quickly discovered that I felt it didn't matter what medium I did it in, just so long as one day, I got the chance to be a fully fledged animator!

Anyway this isn't "that old 2D/3D discussion", it was just a little background on my ambition:) But having not learnt this stuff properly, i'm a bit dubious about the process and how you 'should' go about doing a scene ...... If any 3D guys can spy something I did wrong, or could go about in a better, more efficient way, i'd love to know! 'Cos at times I was at a loss!

I'm gonna give my eyes a break and maybe even venture outside and see the sunshine (or clouds :D), but i've already got something planned for my next animation exploit! Sorry eyes!

'Till the Next,


Kimberley Rabbitt said...

Wow awesome! Well done on the 3D, you've crossed over to the 'other' side..what can I say, I am intrigued! You should definately continue with it! What program are you using?



L ROSSI said...

Thanks Kim!

Haha, but thats just it.... I don't see it as 'sides' anymore - it's all animation, "under the sky there is but one family", as Bruce Lee would say :)

It's Maya, which is cool, until you get stuck and have to trawl through loads of forums for an answer.... but then again, I guess thats the same for any program you don't know! :D


"TORI CAT" said...

Really NICE work Mr WD,
Loving the subtle head movements and eye darts!
My favorite bit is at the end when he leans against the post and snifs!!
Great life and energy and realism!!
Lots of Character!! Your hard work has certainly paid off!!
Looking forward to your next piece. Will it be CG?
What date is your french test?
Hope you and family are well,
All the best,
Lots of Love,
PS...I know where the hidden easter egg is in Favelados!! ;)

L ROSSI said...

Thanks TC, glad you approve! (though he leans against the door frame, not a post! Guess that says something about my 'modelling' skills! :D)
Yeah, will start a new CG scene tomorrow, something with fast movement.....keep your eyes peeled....
it's the 27th! And yes i'm sure you do as you're the one who put it there!! ;)


libra bear said...

Man the thing I find hard in animation is subtlety, the little things that make the chartacter feel like they're alive. Your bloody good animator man, I wish I could see whats wrong with it so I can give constructive feed back, but I cant. Im not on your level yet (im serious) well done man. I really hope you can find someone that will take you to the next level because your growing at an incredible rate.
Check this guy out, maybe he can offer some advice

libra bear said...

PS: I really appreciate you breaking your shot down like that...... :)

Kristian said...

Man, its fantastic! Absolutely wonderful!. You are a great animator. Are you still in France?

messytimbo said...

wow man! top notch stuff brother man.

L ROSSI said...

Whoaa... hold your horses guys! Don't want to count those blue pencils before they've been sharpened :)
But I really appreciate your comments..... I can't 'see' the scene anymore 'cos i've been doing it for a while, if you know what I mean, so it's hard for me to look at it objectively...

@Wes I think the subtle stuff is easier in 3D.... you can tweak to your hearts content - rotate a bit in X here, a bit in Y there, change the curve slightly in the graph editor...... and sometimes, things are just 'happy accidents'! Could I do the same thing in 2D? I don't know....
And thanks for the awesome link - I checked out his blog and although its 90% text, it is GOLD - stuff that I really needed to hear, so thanks again! :)
P.S I believe you could it!

@Kristian Am back for the mo but returning imminently....
And maybe you could answer a question for me? (If it makes sense!) When moving a character over a large space, is it better to move the main control at the bottom (or attach them to a 'locator' and move that) for the area covered, leaving his waist and feet in a kind of cycle, "OR" is it better to actually move the waist and feet, so that he's leaving that main control in it's original position (as i've been doing :/ )?