Thursday, February 17, 2011

End of an Era.

So here is my Showreel for 2011!
Why is it an end of an era? Because this is my first showreel since graduating in 2007 that doesn't contain any of my work from college!

When I think, three and half years, it seems a long time to have been using school work..... but that's a common problem I think for artists in this industry. The problem being that people will often be working on projects under NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements), such as on films, games or shows where you are not allowed to show anything until after the project in question has been released. So if you work on a project for a few years, or the film isn't released for a long time, it can be hard to keep your reel/portfolio up to date. And EVEN then, by the time it does come out, you could have improved to a point where what you did two years ago is no longer representative of what you're capable of!!

So in any downtime it's crucial to work on personal works to keep it all fresh and up to date. The first 4 shots in this reel, I've done in the last couple of months! Sounds funny.... but i'm looking forward to getting my next gig, just so I can have a rest! ;)

Hope this finds everyone well,
'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

Go WOSSI DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Super impressive WDi!!
In just a few months you have really bumped up your real. All your CG stuff looks really impressive. I must admit, i feel a little sad not to see Emmanual in there... and the Banja Afro cucumber man.... :( but like you said... i guess it's time to move on and show how you are evolving as an artist.

Your illusionist shots look great... It's just a shame you don't have the line tests to compliment the colour scenes!!! Grrr Booo BOB!!! :(

I love how you open with your squirrel. He looks soooo good. Damn impressive to think its all done on a posit pad, and lip synced too!! You Cwazy... but in a good way ;)

Very Classy how you finish with a kissing sound when alice pecks tati on the cheek.... it kinda reminds me of an italian chef complimenting his perfect pasta dish as he gets it out the oven. "Mamma Mia" "PerfectO"...Mwwwa!! (OK Sounds weird, but it makes sense in my head.) Blame the fat hamster on his wheel... he makes all my decisions!! ;) Hee Hee!

Any whos, AWESOME stuff!! You should be really happy. You have been working super hard! I'll keep me fingers, toes eyes n legs crossed for you!! Good Luck Chuck!! :D

Arrivederci!! :)

Tcat.xx =^.^=

libra bear said...

Everything she said.......

On a serious note congrats man, you've really grown and this reel definitely shows that. Even knowing some of the stories behind the animation. The ninja for example, animating in the mac store because you have no charger and but you have to beat the 30day trial the maya restricts you to. If thats not dedication, I dont know what is. Congrats again buddy, now get back to work :)

L ROSSI said...

@ Tori
Thanks for the compliments Tori! Emmanuel will live on forever in the hearts of those who knew him :)

Thanks man - and I did the research.... I hope you noticed the less watery 'assets'! ;)

Kristian said...

Really great. I especially love the performance piece, with the dialogue from 'Glory'

L ROSSI said...

Thanks Kristian! You know, I don't actually know which dialogue that is, nor the film it came from :/
I just got them both from the 11 second club :)

Magnus Kråvik said...

Awesome reel! I really like the "what's the point", and the illusionist stuff. I clearly remember them from the film.. In a good way. It's all good:) One question though, when you didn't specify which characters you did one the illusionist shots, does that mean you did all the characters in shot? Or do you not have to specify? Or did I miss something? Anyways, really nice animations!

L ROSSI said...

Hey Magnus, thanks!
No you didn't miss something, it's actually a very good question.
In actual fact, you are "meant" to put your name, what you did in the shot, the project it's from and the characters you worked on in every single shot in your reel, accompanied by a shot list with each shot, the same information and the time code they appear on the reel.
I personally haven't because because I don't believe it's necessary (but of course if you're sending off a reel somewhere, check what is required).
In theory, if you don't label anything, it means you did everything...... but for the Illusionist shots I stated at the start of the sequence that these were a collection of various Assistant, Clean-Up and Inbetween work (Ideally linetests would be better but we were not allowed to have them), and I didn't label characters because the main characters in the shots are indeed the ones I worked on. Obviously if there's only 1 character that's straightforward - but in a shot like the Garden Party I assume that no one would put in a shot like that if they only worked on one background character, so it would appear that I worked on the main characters, which I did.
I think to be honest, the inclusion of the Illusionist shots isn't so much to show the individual shot, but rather a general idea of the type and quality of shots I would have worked on - as there were probably 50 odd shots I had a hand in.
I hope that kind of makes sense! But great question and I would encourage you not to follow my example :)

Gill Face said...

NIce reel, very impressive! Still havent caught the Illusioniste yet but hopefully will soon!

Magnus Kråvik said...

Cool :) thanks for the clarifications :)

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Heey, thats a sweet showreel! Particularly loving the squirrel at the beginning. Please done tell me you did that strait ahead! :-O Really refreshing to see someone still doing 2D as well as CG! Im at aucb at the moment. 2nd year, just about to move into my third year. Fun times!!
Was wondering, if you happen to have a spare moment whether you would be able to check out my showreel and see if ya have any crits. Its at If your interested. Awesome work man! Oh geees! And congrats on the getting into Gobelins!!! Their work is stunning.

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey!! Seriously, thats some really awesome feedback there! Thanks for taking the time to have a look. I have thanfully started to move away from just pencil now. Brush pen for example has become a new close friend. I shall definately have a look at some of those issues you mentioned. Tbh, i have been playing with the idea of refreshing myself with some of those first year excercises, so here is the perfect opportunity!

Thanks again anyhow! Look forward to seeing how you get on at gobelins!! Lol roll on annecy!!
all the best