Friday, February 25, 2011


Make sure to enjoy in FULLSCREEN!

Congratulations to Tim and Wes, and all who worked on their short film, Drawing Inspiration, as it is now DONE!
I had the pleasure of animating for a couple of months on it, and as we in animation discover, the thing that keeps us going is seeing the end result - and I am happy to say that I think this has turned out really, really well! :)

There is a link on the side to the production blog where you can see the process these guys went through, accompanied by a very nice Making Of.

Well done once again,
'Till the Next,

UPDATE 28/02/11: Front page of Vimeo and front page of CATSUKA......... mm mm mmmmm!


Robyn Liebschner said...

Gosh that was really lovely and very inspiring :)

libra bear said...

And well done to you too. Thanks bro, for all your hard work. We'd probably would still be animating if not for your volume of work.

DSM said...

I love the way their faces are simply drawn. So glad the pigeon got rid of his hat, too.

Stuart said...

Awesome work here. Anymore projects on the horizon? I'd love to follow your work.

L ROSSI said...

Thanks everyone.
No projects as of yet, but click the 'Follow' tab to the right and you'll be notified if anything interesting happens :)