Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life Drawing Session 01

So I'm going to try my best to get back into a solid Life Drawing routine.......
I need to whip those 'Life Drawing Muscles' back into shape, because just like going back to the gym after a long absence, you notice how weak you've gotten and things you used to do aren't that easy! Cue Rocky theme song and epic video montage!
(These are just photos but hopefully i'll get the chance to scan them in properly at some point).
Minutes: 10,20,2,10,20
'Till the Next,
Update 02/05/2011 - Replaced photo with scan of 1st image.


"TORI CAT" said...

OOOoo la laaarr!!!
Not stoppin' you!! :)
Just a few days back in town n ur rockin' the art scene already!!
Lookin' sweeet considering its been a while for you!!
Model looks like she has sum good Mmmuuuuffin' tops!! ;) Reminds me of a certain u know who ;)
Hee hee... tres sexy!!
Lookin forward to seein how ur weeks progress!!
Hope your settling in ok?.

L ROSSI said...

Thanks :)
All is well - just waiting for things out of my control to sort themselves out, so in the meantime, doing my best to keep busy!

Kristian said...

Sweet! Monsieur Rossi you never fail to impress me. Whether it's Character deign/ Bg's, Traditional Animation or 3D Animation. You are prolific.
Back to these beauties. The first image clearly demonstrates your knowledge. The elbow really feels strained against the direction it's pulled. My next favourite is the fourth image. I love the way you have described the rib cage from the outline. So I want more of these and more of...more.
peace brother

Claudio Cerri said...

Luca, awesome sketches!

L ROSSI said...

Are you sure you've been visiting my blog?? I don't do BG's! :D
(Yo & you can't be using words like 'Prolific' to describe me!).... but I do appreciate your comments and am glad you approve!
Look out for next weeks sesh - I'll try and turn up the heat and give you what your heart desires!

Thanks man! (Though who's Luca?)

libra bear said...

Kristian, this guys a fake, I just realised what he has been doing....


L ROSSI said...

lol damn, you got me Wes :)

Kristian said...

My bad.
But from what I see here if you turned your hand to backgrounds or layouts,texturing..ermm cigar making. You'd be amazing!
I'll be back homie for the HEAAAAAAAAAAAT!!
Where's Luca?