Monday, March 14, 2011

Have some more Titeuf Instead

There wasn't any life drawing this week :( So much for getting back into it! Hopefully next week!
So in the meantime here is a video that recently went up - It has a very quick look around the animation studio and speaks to some of the creators behind 'Titeuf Le Film', and don't blink..... when the video sets off to some funky music (around 2min50), you'll see me hard at work (with a shockingly bad posture)! Oh and it's in French.....

The official website also went up (nothing particularly impressive, but there are some clips - which aren't particularly the best either!) Click Here
Click 'C'est Parti' and then you have to click really fast for a while on the paper - Don't ask me why! :/

'Till the Next,


Ashley Boddy said...

Ithink you'll find it's 2.57 actually. And missing figure drwing for week...shame be upon you!!

messytimbo said...

hey there you are, it's good to see you again hahaha. i really can't wait to see this film, looks like it's gonna be really lovely. i love the life drawings are well!

"TORI CAT" said...


Alexander G. Ward said...

Mr Rossi spotted!

Frankie Swan said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog again. im really really happy that you think im progressing, does alot for my morale. im just trying to follow your advise and trying to draw all the time!!
i also found a book called 'force' which has a lot about rhythm, but haven't really had the chance to read it due to work load, plus still need to get through the Stanchfield books.
one quick question if you don't mind. how do u approach caricature??im not too sure how to really include it in my gesture drawings?sorry if thats a bit vague.
please do keep checking on me, i need all the guidance i can get!
massive thanks again

L ROSSI said...

Thank goodness you are here to put me in my place!

lol, thanks dude!

Yayie!!! :)

Well done Sir! I hope you were not confused by me putting 'around 2min50', when Ash so clearly pointed out that it was in fact 2min57! :D

Dude, i'm not too good on the old caricature front - I tend to just draw it how I see it.... Character Design isn't my thang (my characters tend to all look alike!)
But from an observational standpoint, I guess just have fun - play on traits that stand out the most and at the end of the day, people are only going to see your drawings, so whether it resembles the subject or not, only you will you ever know!

Frankie Swan said...

sound advise yet again. ill give it a go.
thanks a lot. amazing life drawings btw!
see u next post

libra bear said...

Nice one Mr Rossi. Man that studio looks cool. Was it? Hope your well Mang. I'm yet to play mvc3. :(

L ROSSI said...

@Wes Yo dude, I'm all good thanks. Yeah it 'felt' like a proper Animation Studio you know... I think the desks helped a lot - they were the old Disney desks and were sweeet. Little things like (you can see in the video) the peg bar is attached to the disc and can be slid along, meaning if you turned the disc, you can slide the peg bar so the paper is in the perfect position.
I want one!
Yo i'm not that good at MvC3 anymore! People caught up! Search "Final Round xiv Combofiend", There's some hype matches.
Hope your good,

Ken said...

Hey dude! Man that was some terrible posture there.... didnt you used to lean backwards at Ink? :D

Hows things?! Love the life drawing... reminded me I got some to post too. But its not a nice. So boo.

You back in Paris man?? How cool! Fancy a visitor sometime? I need a holiday haha!

take it easy man


L ROSSI said...

I sent you an email a while back - you must have missed it!
Ha, when YOU say your work isn't nice it actually means its freakin' redonkulous, so post those life drawings up for us to drool over!
Mi casa es su casa, alors dis moi quand tu veux venir :)

Kenneth said...

Yeh man! I just got that email TODAY... I updated you with my new email address :D

Ah man, seriously, your new life drawing above confirms it :) I know what you mean about comfort zones though, I need to do the same!

And er... I speak neither spanish nor french! But Im guessing youve bought a castle :D