Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life Drawing Session 02

Very happy to have gone to Life Drawing again :D
The last time I went, I played it quite safe - staying in my comfort zone of Brown/White Pencil and brown paper. Yesterday I went out and got some acrylics and Charcoal with the intention of letting loose a bit more - I started with the charcoal.... and found that hard enough, so I stayed fairly safe yet again.......acrylics will have to wait! :/

In the session (and I guess most Life Drawing classes in general) we start with quick 2 mins, then move up to 5, 10, and then 20. I really understand that you need to warm up - my first drawings are horrible - so by the time I kind of get into the swing of things, I'm perhaps at the 10-20min poses..... and this got me thinking. Maybe it would be good to 'warm down' with quick poses. I might split my final 20min poses up so that it's an 18 and 2, that way I might get a quick sketch that isn't a disastrous warm up exercise, but one that I can do when I'm already warmed up and in the flow. If that makes sense!?

Minutes: 5,20,20,10,10

(I hate taking photos of work - I'll see if I can get a cheap scanner...)

'Till the Next,

(I've also just noticed that the 2nd 20 min pose in this post is the same as one of the poses from last time - luckily from a different angle!)
Update 02/05/2011 - replaced photos with scans for first 3 images


"TORI CAT" said...


These are beautiful!!

I love it when you work a lot looser. Your lines are so fluid and accurate. Cant wait to see you crack open the acrylics!! :)

They are all lovely, but i think i like the 3rd one the best. The volume is fantastic. The white highlights on the 2nd one really make the volume of the figure pop!! (Thats a good thing!) :) The rib cage and the hip bones really stand out! It really makes the figure look alive!

Since getting back into life drawing myself, iv found i have really struggled with the fast 'warm up' poses. At the classes i have been recently going to, they tend to only do really long poses... which is great for getting all the detail in and really working your picture, but i think i should maybe try your theory of finishing a few minutes early and getting in a couple of 'warm down' poses in towards the end of the pose!! ;)

These are great and it's amazing to see your draftsmanship get stronger with every post!!
Next life drawing session, crack open the acrylics!! Get your paws messy!! :)

Take care and speak to you soon,


DSM said...

I enjoy all of these; the first's hand gesture!

sarah said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. These are really beautiful. :)

Kristian said...

The first drawing speaks volumes. I love the face the pose, the everything. Charcoal suits you

libra bear said...

Seriously now, I'm seeing improvement on every post. kristian is right, charcoal does suit you. They hall have such a great feeling of honesty and sensitivity. Well done Monsieur Rossi

L ROSSI said...

Glad you like 'em :) And glad also that you're getting back into classes too - let me know if 'warming down' works for you!

Thank you!

Thanks - means a lot coming from a talented artist such as yourself :)

Thanks man! That's my favourite too :) It's funny - it's the one I forgot I did 'till I looked through everything after!
I'll keep with the charcoal for 2-5mins I think, then I'll try acrylics for the 10-20mins.... I may need a practice beforehand though!

Aww Thanks dude! Someone in the class said something along the same lines - I guess i'm a sensitive guy(!) lol

messytimbo said...

lovely my friend! the 3rd one down is a favorite. really strong back study.

but they are all really top notch! well done sir

L ROSSI said...

Thank you Sir! :)

Yaz said...

Lovely work as always, Laurent. I watched your new showreel recently too. Loved it! Very impressive, some really beautiful animation in there. x

L ROSSI said...

Hey! Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you liked my reel :)
Hope you're keeping well!