Friday, April 1, 2011


Nothing to post as of late, which of course can only mean that i'm chained to a lightbox somewhere on a production.... :)
Buuut, I thought I would share this video as I found it very interesting and inspiring. If you haven't heard of Sketchtravel, it's a simple idea that has seen one sketchbook travel across the world, being passed from one incredible artist to the next (each having to act as the delivery guy/gal), it's pages being filled by said artists.
I remember Gerald talking about it at Annecy '08 and it's amazing to see how it has finally come together. (Official Blog)

One Book – 70 Artists – No Boundaries from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.

I can only imagine how scary it was to work in this book, especially, as they said, when it started getting filled up with invaluable pieces of art! :/
Not sure when I'll be back on the blog, so until then, enjoy the arrival of spring and the lighter evenings, take it easy and..
'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

I remember when we met Gerald that year in Annecy. The whole sketchtravel book thing was so new back then, i didn't realize how big it would be. I remember saying to him "Oh, i'd be happy to do a picture for your book". Ha ha haa!! i remember thinking he was quite rude when he said, "Errr, No. Not this time". Little did i know, that he would be getting Glean Keane, Miyazaki, Peter de Seve and most of the greatest living artists of today to draw in it. Man do i feel like a fool now!! ;P
Oh well, thats Tor-Tor!! :)

This video is from CTN. I actually saw a little bit of this talk, but couldn't stay cos i had to get back to my booth. Cheers for posting!! Its good to see the bits i missed :)

Hope the new job is goin' you well? Now the longer nights are kicking in, does this mean you'll start goin' back to 'le jardin du lux'? :)

Tchoi!! ;P

L ROSSI said...

Lol Yeah looking back, that was pretty funny! :D
Would like to at some point, but as I said, I'm pretty much chained to the desk (I'm in today - Saturday). Maybe soon!

libra bear said...

That was really cool, the last person was Miyazaki right? What a fitting way to end the book. It's such avgood idea. Hopefully your not dying out there bro. Hope your good

L ROSSI said...

Hey man! Yeah, cool huh!
No, i'm still standing (though glad it's only for a short time! It's a crazy clean line their going for!)
Will drop you an email next week.
Hope your all good! :)