Sunday, May 8, 2011

Geek Out

When the world of 'Harry Potter' meets 'Street Fighter'.....
ha, what a Geek! :D

This was a drawing I did last year and never did anything with. So I worked back into it and gave it a new lease of life!
(Props to anyone who actually gets this! lol)

'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

YAY! i remember this... Nice to see it finished!! :)
love the lighting and the characters expressions too.
Is that 'Ron' or Scoolboy Rossi on the far end? :P
Hee hee
By the way, where's Don-Chan??? ;)

L ROSSI said...

I guess it can't be Schoolboy Rossi 'cos he's not walking around with a basketball :)
AHH Don-Chan! I either forgot him... or he's just causing mischief elsewhere in the castle :D

messytimbo said...

sure i left a comment on this before?

Anyways, love the piece!

Cool to see Ibuki with potter hahaha make her kick his butt!

Ken said...

lol! I remember this drawing. Youve done an awesome colour job dude.

Alexander G. Ward said...

I wonder who'd win in a fight...

Love the way you drew the HP trio - they look more like how I imagine them than the film variants!

L ROSSI said...

Ibuki vs Hermione - no magic aloud :D

Cheers man! lol I contemplated posting the original drawing you saw, but I thought otherwise 'cos there was a lot wrong with it! A good sign I guess....shows I'm at least heading in the right direction (Though in another year I'm sure this version will embarrass me!)

Thanks dude ;)
The classic, 'who would win between...' argument :D
Maybe it will be the next Capcom Vs series.....'Potter Vs Capcom' :P