Monday, May 9, 2011

Life Drawing 03 : Start Again....Again(!)

I could just copy and paste the text from my Life Drawing Posts from March 6th/20th - It all applies again! :D

Minutes: 20,20,5,5

On a side note, those of you lucky enough to be going to Annecy Animation Festival this year (Unfortunately, I don't count myself among you), make sure to head over to the MIFA where 'Ankama' (the company I have been working for the last couple of months), will have an uber display with upcoming projects, one of which being 'Dofus'. Try and watch the trailer and let me know what it's like ;)

'Till the Next,

UPDATE 17/05/2011 : Just seen a nearly completed version of the Teaser..... WOW! :D


Michael Plummer said...

Very nice, the one on her back is great. Keep it up, hope all's gravy!

Michael Plummer said...

Oh yeah and congrats on Gobelins!

messytimbo said...

lovely drawings mate!

libra bear said...

Good talking to you yesterday bro. As usual keep up the great work, I await in joyful anticipation, your gouken animations. Like i said, The dragon has to be nice and deep SHINROSSI_RYU_KEN!!!!

L ROSSI said...

Hey dude!! Thank you kindly :)
I'm all good thanks - I hope you are too! Are you still at Boulder?
Catch you soon!

Thank you sir!

lol ShinRossiRyuKen!
I miss Wednesday night fights with a 'Da Vinci's'! Shout outs to Sean Yu!!

Melissa said...

Hey you!! Awesome stuff here!! Glad to see you're keeping up those skills :D A nice clean up reel!!
What are you up to until you start at Gobelins?? Congratulations on that one!! :D


Ken said...

lovely stuff!

Oh I just bought my ticket for Annecy! Dont know if I can get into Mifa though... :(

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey! Ill keep my eyes open for it! (Love student annecy tickets) he says. Rubbing in the 1 day of free entry to MIFA xD. cough* But yer, ill look out for that trailer! Nice Life drawings in the mean time! I hope when I eventually graduate, I will still find the time and money to life draw as well.
All the best

L ROSSI said...

You should be able to get in to complete your mission - if you have any trouble, I'll come down and kick some ass!

Yeah, that is the prob, and something you don't appreciate when you're at college! If I was back at Bournemouth, I'll probabaly sneak into all years' sessions, even non-animation! :P

There was a message but it got deleted when blogger went down.
If I remember right;
Thanks! Gonna work on my own animation now I finished at Ankama, and hopefully get some more work to save up for next year! Hope you're well!

Ems said...

Really like the bottom left one. nice force line and face.
No annecy? that's a pitty

Justin Rodrigues said...

beautiful figure drawings! love it!

L ROSSI said...

Thank you. Nope...but next year For Sure!! :)

Aww Thanks man! :)

Kingjameshing said...

Can you only afford brown paper? :P

L ROSSI said...

It's the free stuff! :P