Monday, May 23, 2011

Life Drawing Sessions 04 & 05 : Jours Avec et Jours Sans

So the 4th session I thought went ok - I mainly stuck with Charcoal and felt I was beginning to get used to the medium (or at least a way of using it I was comfortable with!). This, coupled with the nice poses from the model made me feel this was 'un jour avec'.... a good day!

UPDATE 26.05.11: Had a little play in Photoshop with the one above :)

Minutes: 15,20,10,10,20,2,2

Then a few days later was session 5, to which I took acrylics to try something new. I had my little palette prepared with all the paints mixed... the only thing that was missing was the model! I later found out she was poorly, but at the time, everyone was a bit miffed and in the end, we took turns to model 2-5 min poses. It completely threw me off and I just couldn't for the life of me get 'in the zone' of using the acrylics for clothed models! So I reverted back to the norm. Below is roughly 20 minutes worth of drawing out of like 2.5 hrs! This was 'un jour sans'.... a bad day!

I know it's a bad thing to have in the back of the mind, but unfortunately I'm thinking that I HAVE to get drawings out of these sessions because I'm paying for them - If I get nothing then it's a waste of money. But it kind of holds me back from just messing around and experimenting. I'll try my best next time to just let go. Those of you at college who get Life Drawing for free, enjoy it while it lasts! And while you're at it, try attending all the sessions available, even if they're not your own specific class! Gate Crash! Do as much as possible!

I haven't been able to start anything other than some early models for my 'Project_Gouken', so until I've got something MEATY to post, I'll leave you with just a little teaser :)

'Till the Next,

UPDATE: In response to James' question...

The blank page on the right is A4 :)


James Woods said...

Seriously awesome man! Love how you can really see the planes of the body, especially in the second one down. I think I'd have to say the fifth one really sticks out to me. The simple details like the shadow across the face and the crease above the big toe, really finish it off. just out of curiosity, what kind of scale do you work at?

L ROSSI said...

You're too kind dude! ;)
All the ones on brown paper (usually the 10-20 minute poses) are bigger than A3 but smaller than A2...I'll check that :/
And the quick ones I usually fit 2 or 3 images on the same sized paper, so I guess A4 ish

messytimbo said...

wow! very solid drawings man!

Shiiizzz i need to hit up life drawing again, it's been shamefully to long. Can't wait for this Gouken as well!!

Anonymous said...

hehehe thanks for the comment :) I see you posting a lot these days, I love the one from the back you did the other day, it's really nice!
I signed up at Paris Est Life Drawing but there is no space left for tomorrow, I'll go to the next session!

libra bear said...

Ok, your really making me feel bad now. First because, I haven't posted in a while, second because I want to post but, now i feel bad because your drawings look so damn good and my dont!! Vicious cycle going on here bruv. Serious though, every post gets better. Your really pushing it and its a pleasure to see you grow. As for gouken, you give new meaning to the word "teaser" GooooOOO ROSSI!!

libra bear said...

PS How did you change your Icon in the address bar?

L ROSSI said...

Cheers dude :) HehHeh, yeah Life Drawing is one of those things that's hard to get into, and even then, keep up!

Good stuff dude! Are you going to the Friday one this week?

C'mon now - I KNOW you're sitting on beautiful work 'cos I've never seen anything BUT come from that awesome brain of yours!
As for the Icon, I'll hook you up with the 411. I feel a LibraBear coming on :)

libra bear said...

LibraBear? Rossi, my dear fellow, i have no idea what you mean? ;)

Kristian said...

That back study is so damn gorgeous! Wes is right I'm never posting again. Mine are embarrassing against your work!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks so much man :D
But pleeeeeease post your work! I'd looove to be able to do what you can do - watercolour and pencil master!
I'd rather see your work over mine any day!
My drawings are starting to get a bit 'samey' :/ I had a session last night, I'll post later, where I did one which was different, and something I'm gonna try and pursue further.

DSM said...

Just agreeing with everyone else, comment-wise. That Photoshp product is really handsome and looks 'vintage.'

L ROSSI said...

Thanks very much :)
I thought about perhaps transforming it into something 'Art Nouveau'ish, but decided to not pass too much time on it. Glad you like!

Alexander G. Ward said...

These all look verily impressive!

halloumicheese said...

wow, your life drawing is amazing! so much volume and a touch of your own style. im loving the one you had a little play with in photoshop!