Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life Drawing Session 06

I'd like to maybe try and pursue something a bit more in this direction - creating the volume from the negative space, mixing media, perhaps focusing on just one area in detail and simplifying the rest.... I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Minutes: 10,2,2,2,20

'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

You r on fire Rossi!!!
Every time i come on here you have like a million new posts!!! i cant keep up with ya!!
Loving your life drawings, Grrrreat, like always!!
I really like seeing you work a little more abstract and with mix media. it would be nice to see you work, really loose with some runny inks and washes.... and maybe draw some men too!! ;)
I wish i cud get to some life classes... there just isn't enough hours in a day for me at the mo.... especially with the build up to LA.
Iv got lots to post, which i'll try n get up before i go.
Drop us an email as to when your gunna be free on sunday n we'll work something out!!
Keep doing what you do Rossi, COz u do it guuuud!! :P

L ROSSI said...

Thanks TC! :)
Glad you like 'em and will definitely try what you said!
lol It's not ME that chooses the model! But you are right and it's a topic that comes up at the sessions - but apparently male models are more difficult to come by here (or so the organisers say!)
Catch you Sunday,

Frankie Swan said...

master Rossi
these are incredible!seeing your work inspires me to work harder!
thanks for the advise about the walk, will sort it out sharpish. ill try upload more progress this weekend so please keep keep an eye out.
cant wait for more of 'project Gouken'
hope your well dude

Ken said...

niceeeee man! I'm really loving your life drawing. UGH I need to get back into it properly!

DSM said...

I just had a class where we drew tangent lines off the model into the negative space; just slashing away on the paper. In stead of a big brush to define the negative space a figure emerges out of this linear 'tumble weed."
Anywho, I like your postings each and every...

Justin Rodrigues said...

These are brilliant man! love the positive negative in the top one. Great stuff!

L ROSSI said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled! Hope all is going well!
Man, Project_Gouken hasn't gone anywhere! :/ Maybe get something done this week.....(!)

Ah thanks dude! It's ok, you have higher priorities at the mo - I know, I drew the maps!

Hey! Wow that sounds interesting - always fun to experiment with different methods :D

Thanks very much :)

Kristian said...

Absolutely love the bold white strokes on the top one. You are making beatiful work laurent, simply stunning.