Monday, May 30, 2011

Life Drawing Session 07, Evening Observations & Bonus!

Minutes: 2,20,10,1s

These made me smile :)

'Till the Next,


DSM said...

I like the street scenes; Paris must be great...

"TORI CAT" said...

Oooo la la laaa!!
Lovely work as usual mr wossi!!
I LOVE the life drawing of the lady with her hand to her face with the splash of white paint!! Stunning!!
Great to see some buildings and location scribbles too!!
Tres bien!!!
I look forward to Goken-the movie!!
Keep smiling and keep in touch!
Bye for now!!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks! Yep, it sure is - I don't think you can turn a corner without having something interesting to draw :)

Thank yooou! :)
Bon Voyage!!! (Hey, shouldn't you be getting some sleep now if your flight's at 7am??) :D

Frankie Swan said...

dear god man!

messytimbo said...

Shiiiiiiiiz! your killing the drawing game at moment son.

hope your good

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketches...the life drawing is great, too!

Justin Rodrigues said...

man! love those sketchbook pages. Great mood you captured with the city scapes.

L ROSSI said...

:D That's my most favourite comment ever!

Thanks dude! I'm trying real hard to get better, so I'm glad you think it's paying off :)

Thanks for your kind comment Erik!

Thanks Justin. I don't often do location stuff, but I had fun with these so will definitely do some more!

jLou said...

Wow these are great! You inspire me to do more quick studies! :D

Btw, I just watched your reel... so cool!!

L ROSSI said...

Your work inspires me every time!
Thank you for taking the time to have a look! ;)

lostinarc said...

Nice catch...tremendous observation skill u have dude..

Anonymous said...

Plan for the rest of the week: go for a walk at rue des petits carreaux :P