Friday, August 19, 2011

Life Drawing Session 11: The End

They say all good things come to an end. And in this case, a reeeally good thing has come to an end. But I've had a great run! I started Life Drawing back up in March when I returned to Paris, and averaged maybe 1 session every two weeks…. going to sessions hosted by Scott & Tom (whom I offer many thanks!) and those at La Grande Chaumière.
Not only has it been a delight to draw the figure in this way again, but also great to meet so many other people with a similar passion, from all walks of life.

The last couple of sessions from La Grande Chaumière have been accompanied by somewhat interesting tales; those of 'the nut grabbing man', 'the real-life moving hold'…… but this last session was a little uneventful.
I suppose I could talk about the tiny chihuahua pottering around peoples feet, barking (or yelping would be a better word) at anyone who looked at it funny, piercing the silent room and thus adding a little quiver in the lines of people's drawings.
I suppose I could talk about the 130 (or thereabouts) year old woman and her captivating approach to drawing the model; eyes NEVER looking at her A1 paper, using an array of coloured chunky oil pastels that would make a rainbow jealous, all the while twisting and flicking her wrist as each line finished it's journey in a somewhat conductorial manner.
….But I won't bore you with that ;)

I will look forward to starting all over again…. again(!)

And a couple of sketches that didn't make it into the last post.....

'Till the Next

P.S I would also like to wish ToriCat a speedy recovery from her big op - Get well soon! :)


Aaron Ludwig said...

Great drawings. You can really feel how solid the figure is.

DSM said...

Always nice to seee your stuff; I like that last little b/w eeensey nude. Did I ever say I like your new blog portrait. too?

Mark Galura said...

Forget the Gouken vs Akuma project! I'm going to be revisiting this blog for your other drawings. I'm having fun looking at your sessions.

L ROSSI said...

Thank you sir!

Cheers! No, I don't think you did :)
But thank you for that too!
But I;m sorry to say, I doubt there will be anymore Life Drawing posts for a long while....
who knows... maybe a surprise session... we'll see!

Ah Cheers Mark! Glad you like these ol' scribbles :)

James Woods said...

More awesome sketches! Seriously inspiring stuff man! And best of luck starting at Gobelins (I'm guessing it should be pretty soon!!)

L ROSSI said...

Cheers dude :)
Started Wednesday! I already get the impression this year is gonna FLY by...:S Better make the most of it!
And all the best to you and Round2 of AUCB! Say hey to everyone for me ;)

Aurel fatgirl said...

tu m'a donné envie de continuer à dessiner dans le metro et dans les bars parisiens... vraiment .