Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I would, but I need the eggs."

So Hey! How are you? Uh huh.... You don't say!! Well, I'm glad.
Me? Oh, this and that... :D Yeah, you could say that. Not as much as before. But... yea it's true. Ça veux dire quoi, "shuffling"!? OH J'EN VEUX! If I only I could see..... peut être Un Jour. That easy huh? Oh OK, I'll do that then u.u.

'Till the Next,


messytimbo said...

really love drawing man. hope it's all going well on the course

Marguerite Dumans said...

Ahahaha ! Laurent !!! =) ENFIN ! :P Hehe. Je me disais bien qu'il y avait une occasion pour checker ;) aha J'attends avec impatience ta prochaine update ! :P (et la suite du dialogue ? :D)

L ROSSI said...

Hey man! Thanks! Hope all's well your neck of the wood!
Course is cool - we finally settled on our animatic (so that people can understand it now! :D), and now we are onto the layout.... tough times :D

Même moi je connais pas la suite du dialogue ..... peut être bientôt... bientôt... :D
Bon Weekend!

Ken said...

WHAT have you been smoking man?!

Lovely drawing dude! Just one crit... theres only ONE of them!!

Tom Law said...

Really cool blog Laurent! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Charlotte Cambon said...

Il est cool ce perso! Tu mettras d'autres recherches design?
parce que AAAAh j'en VEUX!

L ROSSI said...

Cheers :D It may be a little cryptic... but there are some hidden meanings :D
....Yes I know.... I just don't have.. the...

Thank you sir! (Love your profile pic by the way - that is sooo you :D)

@Mlle Cambon
Merci!! Mais, de quoi tu parles?! Recherches design?? C'est pas pour le film ça .... o.O"
Et bien joué sue le 'J'en Veux!'! Tu as noté le ptit clin d'oeil dans le txt... il y a plusieurs, mais je ne sais pas si les autres gens vont les trouver....
1pt pour Cambon!

Dana said...

Love your colored stuff : D

Nubian Greene said...

keepin it simple,great work!

Irranellie said...

Love your sketches! nice style

Stéphanie said...

Je sais ce que ça veut dire "Shuffling" maintenant !

Charles Lacorne said...

hey Laurent, nice legs indeed :))
how are things with you? what about this english breakfast? cheeers, Charles

L ROSSI said...

Thanks Dana! Hope your shark boy is going well!

Cheers dude! lol it's not often I post only 1 image :D But you're right - simple works sometimes!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

1pt pour Mlle Mercier!!! Felicitations! :D ( l'equipe Zouz est assez forte dans ce jeu!). Bon Dimanche!

Charles!!!! Thanks! I know you like my legs, but what about the drawing? ;))
Sorry I haven't been in touch - email to follow. And yeah, that English breakfast still sounds good! Hope you're well, speak soon!

Ken said...

Cryptic for you've lost your mind?? :D

jLou said...

Self convo? lol, not sure ^^;

About the sketch: cute, simple, solid! :D

L.Berto said...

Hi I've been following your blog for a while and well i like it and i was wondering whether it would be possible to get an email as I'm currently doing a btec course which requires me to get an interview and well id like to interview you xp (with a questions sent by email) , btw you don't have to answer it or anything if you don't want to i just need proof that i tried ....anyways thanks

L ROSSI said...

Exactly! :P

Thanks :)
Kind of!... made up of things I said, heard other people say, read etc etc .... bizarre I know, but fun :P

Thanks for your message!
You can find my email by clicking on the portfolio tab at the top of the blog and following the link. I'll be happy to help :)

tiffannysketchbook said...

egads i love your style soooo much. i wish i can draw like you

L ROSSI said...

Thats uber kind - thank you! But I'm sure you could find better things to wish for! :)