Friday, March 2, 2012

"...and suddenly it's all about to change"

So, maybe first off I should apologise to all those who were somewhat baffled by the previous post :D
It was a conversation made up of various quotes from things I heard, read or said, from real life, books or films.... and I wondered how many people could spot their contributions! So congratulations to Charlotte and Stéphanie who were the only winners!!
What do they win?
.....Quelque chose INCROYABLE.
(commiserations to Joël, Thomas, Bernard, Bung, Hélène et Chloé who all missed out :P).

(Skecthbook keeping is restricted to the Metro and Laundrette these days....)

This time around there is no confusing conversation - though there is a way to be a winner!!
To commemorate the fact that over 200 of you kind people seem to think this blog is worth clicking the follow button for, I thought I would say thank you.....

The title of the previous post was a quote from a film.
The title of this post is a lyric from a song.

Post a comment with the name of the film and the song/artist, and the first two people with the correct answer will have sent to them (no matter where you are), either a sketchbook page or a life drawing.... (no cash alternatives :P)

(These were some random drawings I found from a session a while ago.)

As for me, well we have just about finished our Layout Animatic for the film. We have split the scenes up and myself and the other 3 animators each have around 10 shots adding up to around 40 seconds of animation each.... sometimes including more than one character... to do in a couple of months starting Monday (including tie-down, inbetween etc). LET'S GO!!! :D

Hope this post finds everyone well!!
'Till the Next,


Frankie Swan said...

i dunno how your able to draw that good on the train.this is an amazing post bro, of the sketchbooks i love the man in the middle of the first spread.
you keep on inspiring man.
im afraid i dunno the answers :(
so excited to see your final film!!!

Ken said...

Duuuude! You certainly dont disappoint, and you kept your promise too :D

Lovely sketches dude i really dig the brown paper ones. There is no way in hell tho im gonna guess your lyric, so how about an art exchange for an old friend? :D

And thats a serious amount of animation... Can i come to paris and help? Haha!

God speed!

Nubian Greene said...

Great post,and looking forward to film,whens the deadline? must be stressful.

Chloe May said...

uhh-uh. Ohh ok! i'll do that then! sorry..
nahh, i'm just passing through .. but hey! congrats. congratulation on the news. :D

tiffannysketchbook said...

jeeez your sketches are just so amazing

i like how you draw faces. also
that dancer's butt is crazy-slappable. good job on that!

mew said...

J'aime vraiment ce que tu fais, tes travaux ainsi que ceux de tes camarades aux Gobelins.

Sinon, je suis pas très fort en jeux de mots...Je dirai juste:
"Annie Hall was lost in time."

Helene Leroux said...


Helene Leroux said...

WHITLEYLOSTINTIME and ANNIEHALL !!!! ptain !!! cette fois c'est bon !!!

Dana said...

Annie Hall and freaking...
Lost in Time - Whitley? ;_;

But whatever awesome new post! You've definitely been keeping up with your sketchbook better than I have these past few weeks xD
Hope all is well in Franceland!

Stéphanie said...

J'ai droit à un dessin, alors ?

L ROSSI said...

:D Sooo we have our winners! More on that later.....

Cheers man! I dunno...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't... :'D
And dude you were first in!! You coulda done a google search :P

I said I would! :)
I would love to swap art wit'ya! Though I would have to give you like 5 of mine for 1 of yours.... bit like swapping football stickers at school - you got the 'shinies', I just got the substitutes :P
YES! Come and work for us!!!!!

Cheers dude. Deadline for the whole thing is just before Annecy....
The stress hasn't kicked in yet - I think as soon as the first scenes start getting done we start realising things don't go as planned, then we better cue the Rocky music!

Mais!! T'es trop tard!! Ça c'était pour le dernier post! Donc du coup tu as raté le dernier concours, et maintenant, celui ci! :D
Peut être t'en a marre d'avoir des dessins ;)

Thank you very much!
Yep. I can see the secondary reaction on that thing right now... :P

Merci! C'est vraiment gentil - et félicitations d'être le premier!!!! (Je sais que tu na pas mis l'artist pour le chanson, mais j'ai bien aimé le jeux de mots, et comme c'est moi qui crée les regles, je dit que tu peux avoir un dessin! :')
Regarde en bas pour les details

Tu as vraiment la chance ma petite..p....
Tu voir - 7h apres le premier commentaire, tu t'es rends compte que tu as oublie l'autre reponse... 4 minute avant Dana as laissé son commentaire!!!
Je sais pas comment tu l'as fait... il y a l'air 'tricheuse' quelque part...
Mais bref... tu étais le deuxieme. Félicitations(!) :P

I don't know if you saw, but Hélène got in before you by 4 minutes.... but then again, grammatically, you were more correct than she was!!
I'm gonna give you both a pic ;)
Details below!

Bah ouais, seulement si tu en veux?? ;)
Un ptit portrait sur un Post-it de toi? Ça te vas? Ou si non, juste un croquis nu?

Congratulations to Mew, Hélène and Dana.
Please send your mailing addresses to onedaylefilm (at)
and I'll try to get something out to you as soon as I can :)

L ROSSI said...

Quand je dis 'croquis nu', c'est un dessin que j'ai déjà fait.... ce n'est pas de toi! :'D

Dana said...

Gee wiz L, thanks a ton ;3;

mew said...

Merci! J'espère que ça te dérange pas trop quand même, je suis de l'île maurice.

CJ said...

*puffs chest* You and Dana are putting my already blegh life studies to shame! I must improve now... you guys are my two huge sources of inspiration for this kind of thing. Haha!

Hot damn that grayscale woman and those strokes on the upper far left. *quivers bottom lip* So tantalizing...

PS: Do you have an email or Skype thing I could contact you with? I have a proposition of sorts possibly. *raises brow*

But yes, keep doing what you're doing, bro. These are always a joy to see. :D

Sjan Weijers said...

wow these sketches are really awesome.. Very cool lines.
Looking forward to see more!

L ROSSI said...

@Dana & Mew
Pleasure! :)

Thanks man! I'm glad you like this stuff :)
You can drop me a mail at
onedaylefilm (at)
I'd be happy to hear a proposition... but be warned, I'm pretty occupied at the mo :S

Thank you kindly! :)

Estrella said...

Great sketches!! Congrats, you really catch the feeling :)

messytimbo said...

these are lovely man!

jLou said...

Oh, okay haha! the quotes were kind of common so I guess I didn't catch 'em at first! :P Love that last study!

Claudio Cerri said...

When I see your works I fall in love!! Beautiful sketches, Laurent!!

Phounette said...

oh j'en veux ! :D

good job my dear !
tu nous impressionnes tous alors continu comme ça !

et crois pas que je suis gentil comme ça gratuitement hein !
je veux que tu me fasses un croquis nu de moi ;)


L ROSSI said...

Aww thank you :) Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers Timbo! :)

Thank you Jamie!

Wow, what an awesome comment - you make me blush! :') Glad you approve!

Je me suis dit, "C'est qui ça!?!" XDD
Et apres j'ai cliqué sur le nom....
Et bien, c'était mon 'team-mate' Bernard!! XD (Je n'étais pas de tout déçu que ce n'était pas une fille ;))
Merci mec! t'es trop gentil!
Et alors, pour le croquis nu.... quand tu veux ;)


cool !!

Helen Ström said...

Your drawings are getting stronger I can see!! Nice to see that progress is always possible at any level! Hope you're doing fine and that everything works well for you! A hug!! Helen.

Ken said...

Haha dude I just read your reply! Shinies I remember them! But I reckon yours are like FLICKERIES! Remember THEM?! :D

wren said...

Love your drawings - they are just so good.