Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dove Siamo?

Short but Sweet trip :) Grazie mille!!
Et Joyeuse Fête nationale tout le monde!
'Till The Next,


Joël CORCIA said...

T'es trop stylé sur la photo =) ! Chouette crobars en tout cas a bientot j'espère !

Chloe May said...

Was about time:D Trip down memory lane
I've said it before and will say it again, these look great. Splendido!

libra bear said...

Where to begin.... These are beautiful man, Venice is such a lovely place, I really like your documentation. The photo at the top is really cool. As usual great work.

Kristian said...

The portrait seventh down is fabulous. Such a delicate drawing.

messytimbo said...

Lovely drawings man, you're drawing like a machine at the moment.

L ROSSI said...

Merci mon ami! Sûrement on vas avoir le repas avec tout l'argent de Bung bientôt :P

Mi scusiiiIIIIIiiii!!
Better late than never though huh! ;)

Thank you kind Sir! I hope you're doing ok - we need to catch up n.n

Thanks K!! I'm glad you approve of that one! I think it's about the only portrait I got remotely right ;)

Cheers dude! I think new places and interesting scenarios really inspire me to draw draw draw. I'm not as inspired to just draw people on the metro or in the laundrette anymore.....
I guess everyone else will just see the drawing - but I like it when a drawing takes me back to that time and place, like a diary I guess, and I see/feel more than the drawing :)

rufus blacklock. said...

Wonderful sketch work Rossi, I love the plane window a lot :)

James Hing said...

You need to shave your knees boy!

Nikolas Ilic said...

Great blog! and lovely sketches!!

Helen Ström said...

Drawing like crazy in Venezia!!! Beautiful and professional result! Someone I know here and there is very well rendered with a lot of spirit of hers. Great, great, great!
You are welcome to come for dinner sometime next week, just so you know.
So long then.

L ROSSI said...

:D Cheers dude! Why am I not surprised that you like the plane page ;))

Knees are much lower down on the 'shaving priority list' than other body parts ;)

Wow thanks Nikolas! n.n

Hey! Thanks Helen!! I guess you would be the best judge n.n
Et "Oh la la lala" Ça me fera plaisir! Ce jour la, je vais pas manger du tout, pour profiter de ta cuisine magnifique! ;) (Si c'est bien toi qui vas cuisiner :P)

Helene Leroux said...

sooo whats the next destination ;) ? keep drawing, keep drawing!
those are really nice.


jLou said...

Daaang, this is a cool post. Love the addition of colors! Looks like you had an awesome trip!!

About the exchange: omgosh I haven't checked my blog in foreverrrr. Sorry! My email is on my blog too, and I check that more often, so let's start from there when ya can! :D

L ROSSI said...

Thanks n.n
For the moment sketches will be Paris based :D - no more holidays for me for a while!
(unless I get fired? ;))

Dude that's my bad! I said I would email you and I haven't :S
(I always think about it, and then something comes up...) But no more excuses!! I'll get on it! (tomorrow :P)
Hope you're well!
And thanks! n.n

tiffannysketchbook said...

your sketchbook always inspires me!!!!!!

maxime delalande said...

chanceux !

L ROSSI said...

That is the best compliment I could receive n.n Thank You!

:D Chanceux?
J'espere que tu va bien jeune homme!

Nikhita said...

Wow, these are seriously amazing sketches! You totally captured the mood of the place. :)

fados do lar said...

Really nice work.

Bethany Craig said...

These sketches are so wonderful! I was actually just in California a few weeks ago at the Getty and saw the Gustav Klimt show there. Perhaps if you're ever in California you could go see it! Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I really like your life and observational drawings. Have a good day!