Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Day Soon

This guy seemes like someone you can trust n.n
T-Minus 22 days. That's right - September the 3rd is the date that FIIINALLY we'll have our films put up online. And you can check back here on that date where I'll have some extra goodies for ya, including some 'One Day' give-aways ;)
In the meantime some.... yeah, you guessed it.... sketches :P

One cool thing at work is that there are usually Life Drawing classes on a Wednesday - unfortunately being summer, they've stopped u.u so I headed to La Grande Chaumiere instead one week to get a fix. The model was great - had a really pretty face in an unusual kind of way, and I was annoyed to not get any of the early poses down adequately, but felt a bit more comfortable with these 5 minute ones towards the end.

And it's that time again! Seems to be an annual thing :'D
New Avatar. I realised I really don't do much/any character stuff anymore - but this was kind of fun... so maybe I'll do some more??

'Till the Next,

Enfin! Les films de fin d'études de Gobelins seraient en ligne le 3 Septembre! Alors revenez ici le 3 quand j'aurais des trucs pour vous, avec des cadeaux du film a donner ;)
Je suis allé a La Grande Chaumière l'autre semaine. Le model était classe, avec une beau visage mais dans une manière un peu différent. J'ai raté les premiers poses, mais j'étais plus alaise avec les poses de 5 minutes vers le fin.
Nouveau avatar! Ça me semble une occasion qui se passe une fois par an :'D Je ne fais plus des personnages, mais ceux ci était drôle à faire... donc peut-être je ferai plus?


Kristian said...

Woohoo! i'm first to comment. Firstly I can't wait to see the final film, man. I am really excited about it.
These drawings are wonderful. I love the guy with the downward gaze.
Awesome Life drawings too!

tiffannysketchbook said...

i love your sketches. Can I marry them?

Ems said...

Really like your new avatar mr Rossi
nice style

Erik D. Martin said...

really lovely work man- I love your sense of line weight.

Frankie Swan said...

that park scene is sweet! 3rd of sept is now in my diary, I cant wait to see it, to shot in your reel are amazing!yeh get some more characters up!

libra bear said...

Pics Number 5, 7 and 10 are Super Killer. The rest are Killer. Haha Man you know your going places when someone wants to "marry" your drawings. Haha. Great stuff man. Bring on sep 3rd!!

Nubian Greene said...

gah thats seems like years away!,looking forward to it.

L ROSSI said...

Aww Cheers man! You are indeed 1st on posting a comment, and also 1st on my list of sketchbook heros :)
Look out for you name in the credits!! :P

Oh la la! :D I'm not sure they would make a good spouse - they don't make a lot of money, they're inconsistent, rough around the edges and can't get wet :3

Ta very much! n.n

Thanks so much!
P.S You have a new fan n.n

Glad you like that one n.n
& Thanks for checking out my reel too :')

Forget Sep 3rd! Bring on STNAR!!!

Eugh how time makes fools of us all... but trust me, there are lots of things I would like to have to wait just 19 days for :'D
But thanks! (Hope it's worth the wait!! :S)

messytimbo said...

marked it in my calender already!

Such a great selection of drawings here man. I love the drawing in the park and on the plain. I'd say that there Ouf! ;)

Justin Rodrigues said...

Beautiful sketches!

Nikhita said...

Amazing sketches! can't wait for your films! :)

Hugues Opter said...

héhé vraiment super le chat et les nus.

C'est inspirant, ton taf sur les persos capcom aussi... Y'a une leçon à prendre :D

Mauricio said...

Your sketches are beautiful and your film sounds great. I look forward to seeing more updates in the near future! Cheers

Toniko said...

I love your stuff man, I just stumbled upon them yesterday and it is very inspiring!!

L ROSSI said...

XDD You're ouf!! ;)
Thanks man!

Thank you sir!

Me neither! :3
Thanks for the kind words!

Aww Merci infinement! n.n
Et je suis ravie d'entendre que t'as aimé 'Gouken'!!

Thank you kindly!! I guess the next update will be September 3rd!! (I haven't done any sketches these last few days - inspiration is fleeting...)

Ah cheers man! :')
I find those two last words hard to believe when used to describe my drawings..... but it's an awesome compliment and I'm glad you stumbled by n.n

Toniko said...

I mean it 100% brooo. There's a lot of raw energy in them they rock!

Ken said...

Laurent! You never told me you could draw! Shame on you :D

Awesome sketches my friend, particularly like the life drawerings.

RE skype - yes! Indeedy! Its been YONKS.

Yung said...

man, great sketches Laurent---see you wednesdays when the class returns!

L ROSSI said...

You rock!! n.n Thanks!

Well that's debatable... but I think you may have noticed me working with you on a certain Hand DRAWN animation or two :P
Nice catching up wit ya and as I said, stop over any time! n.n

Thank you Sir!!
Indeed! I think they could be starting up again this week no?
I found the last one a little stressful - I didn't expect it to be so.. 'taught' :'D But it's cool none the less!

Ashley Boddy said...

Still not the third yet...

Question (hand raised) - When it's September 4th will you change the name of the post to One Day yesterday? And on September 3rd 2013 will it be renamed One Day last year?

Oh and the sketches are great!! But when did your hair get so long?

L ROSSI said...

:D Yes, I will rename the same post everyday so that it corresponds exactly to the date in question! :3
Not long now... not long now....
Oh and thanks!
Well I haven't cut it since May O.O ... I should have done a 'sponsored grow' really, like Movember :D Who would have thought I could have gone this long without shaving it!
Aaaand I'm expecting more posts from you Sir! So hurry up and go on more road trips (of the Parisian kind :P)