Thursday, August 30, 2012

Playblast Doodle Time

Who would have thought working in 3D would give so much time for drawing :3
For those who don't know, a 'Playblast' is the video you render out to see how your animation is looking at the proper frame rate (equivalent of a Line/Pencil Test). In theory, a good animator won't need to playblast often, as they would know exactly what their animation should be doing.
These are just a few of my doodles made while waiting for my Playbalsts to render u.u

'Till the Next (Mon 03/09/2012!),

Je n'attendais pas dessiner beaucoup en faisant le 3D :3
Un 'Playblast' est le video qu'on rend pour voire notre animation. En théorie, un bon animateur n'as pas besoin de rendre beaucoup des vidéos parce que il sait exactement comment gérer son plan.
Voici juste quelques esquisses pendant mes temps d'attente u.u


Kristian said...

Ah I know this all too well. Unfortunately My current PC is quite fast at actual 'real' time playback. So getting the doodle time is getting scarce. Damn those fast new Pc's.
Back to the comment I intended to write. These are great drawings. For doodles they are very well accomplished. It just shows how awesome your ability is. peace brudda

Mauricio said...

I love seeing an artist's sketchbook. I especially dig the 'hero'-esque sketches

Geoff King said...

awesome stuff!
thumbs up for illusionist sketches :)

fados do lar said...

Waiting for something to render and use that time to sketch is nice! :D I really like the expression on your characters faces - even in what seem quick sketches you can delivery a variety of emotions in their faces/looks. The corporal language is also pretty nice.
Thank you for sharing this sketches. They are really nice! :D

Marguerite Dumans said...

Hey ! Been a while since I came on ur blog ! So glad to see loads of MARVELOUS updates ! And I did recognize some faces ;)) More, more ! hehe... Sorry about forgetting ur birthday tho :// I did think of you that special monday but forgot to wish u any good stuff for the new year to begin, so there it goes : MAY AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN TO U ON UR WAY TO AWESOMENESS MR. DRAWING LAURENT !!! Take care ! Toodles !

Helen Ström said...

Hi there!
These are great! Hope your PC will be slow for long so that you can continue doodle around.
Hope your 3D work is stimulating too though and full of satisfactions.
Thank your for your messages and cheering me up many times. I'm back home and healing, trying to speed the healing too, but it doesn't work much. Guess it takes what it takes to glue back a bone.
I wish you lots of inspirations to work in harmony the coming months! : )
A hug!

libra bear said...

Haha, Great sketches man. Dude... Whats this obsession with Alice? Didnt think Id see her again. Hahaha

Ben Ho said...

I kinda wish 2d art has rendering time sometimes :P Looking great LR! Good to see you keeping the sketchbook handy at all times. Parr has not taught no fool :P

L ROSSI said...

:D Cheers man.
I think it's less to do with the PCs and more all the models and sets being super heavy... even when you de-load stuff you don't use, there's no way to see it play back in real time without playblasting :S

Thank you kindly!
In fact - I wouldn't really call it a 'Sketchbook'... it's more a notepad I have to jot down all the 'to do's' for my shots... I wouldn't dare draw this type of stuff in my sketchbooks! :'D

:D Not sure how on model they are! But this was the best I could remember them :P Ah, the memories!

@Fados Do Lar
Thank you :)
...Though I think they all look grumpy personally! The only one who's smiling is Titeuf XD

Who is this visiting my blog?? It's been such a long time I hardly recogni...oh ANNE!! :P
Ah hah t’inquiète pas! Merci infiniment pour les voeux n.n

Merci beaucoup!! n.n
J’espère que ça vas aller...:S
Si tu as besoin d'un coup de main, n’hésite pas de m’appeler! Sérieux!

XDD Obsession!? I only drew her twice here.... oh wait... you're refering to all the newspaper images I drew her over in a year and stuck on the wall? :3
That blog still exists - but I don't think the world is ready :P

Heheh, it does give an excuse to have a quick check of the mail or doodle alright :P
(As I said earlier though - notepads and sketchbooks are two waaay different things for me :'D). I haven't actually drawn in my sketchbook for two weeks...
soon though! Fados inspired me :P

Frankie Swan said...

dude i am gona be away on hols from the 3rd!!hopfully ill find some time to get on the net, but if not ill just hav to wait til im back to get my mind blown away.
loving your sketches as always!

L ROSSI said...

No no no no NO! You do NOT go on holidays the day my film comes out!!!
Is what some crazy person would say :P
No worries man ;) Hope you have an awesome time and come back all fresh and rested.
(But seriously, you find an internet café Monday or else u.u)

libra bear said...

Haha, true, there are only 2 drawings. Was worried you were having a relapse. Lol. Monday can't come sooner. Looking forward to the Gobey Goodness!

Kristian said...

Its monday here already... patiently waiting for Europe to wake

Dana said...

Love ALL these updates man! Wish I could have checked upon them sooner. Lookin good as always

L ROSSI said...

Poor Kristian! His Monday is almost over! :S

I hope they go up before you go to bed...otherwise it will be TUESDAY for you! Noooo

Nice to have you back girl! :P
Hope the new school year starts well for ya! (Final year right??)

libra bear said...

Erm...where the film Rossi???? :)

L ROSSI said...

Tomorrow lunch time u.u
Send your hate mail on a postcard to;
Gobelins l’école de l'image
73 Boulevard St. Marcel

libra bear said...

No Mr Rossi, I'll send it to you What's you add again? Lol

Means poor Kristian is waiting till wed haha