Monday, September 3, 2012

Pfff. LAME!!!! u.u

Lunch time tomorrow apparently....
(Ok K, you can get some sleep :3)
Demain en fin de matinée apparemment...

Here you go... while you're waiting, some character research n.n


Kristian Duffy said...

eeee I can't wait.

fados do lar said...

Nice sketches. I really enjoy the way you use color.

libra bear said...

I'll hold off n posting that letter and happily accept these wonderful sketches as compensation. Love the line work on the one on the right.

L ROSSI said...

I hope it's worth it!! :'SSS

Thank you n.n

Is that sooooo!!?
Well, it's inspired by your technique you showed me when I sent you that businessman image! Not quite as good though!

tom said...

I'm looking forward to this.

Kristian said...

Demain, Domani.... I want it nowwww!
One thing that would offer some compensatipn is theis 'technique' You and Wes are conjuring.
Wes: businessman image? I ain't seen this

Nubian Greene said...

I waited all daaay!

not really


Tom Law said...

hahaha it's never going to be posted online is it... By the way I really like the sketches of the girl.

libra bear said...

No secret techniques mang, Rossi liked the way I cleaned up monkey and asked me to do it on a rough drawing he did. You have all my powers man, I only have a fraction of yours.

L ROSSI said...

Cheers Tom! hope you enjoyed it n.n

:D Conjuring!

Really? :P

Thank you Tom Law!!
Maybe see you around?

You got powers son! I wish I was like Rogue and could absorb them :P

christelle said...

En vrai le film est ultra stylé, anims bien ressenties décors de fifous, couleurs pareil, un dialogue bien géré, chara cool (sauf le gosse:), ambiances colorées cools. ça donne vraiment envie de taffer aux gobelins (tsa si seulement)

une vraie réussite.