Friday, December 21, 2012


Poses between 15-20min

I am on holiday as soon as I finish writing this! :'D
Can't wait....
It's been a while since I've seen the family and I hope they are as excited as I am!

If there isn't another post before the New Year, Season's Greetings to you all!! And for those waiting to receive your drawings, I will finally be able to send them off when I get home x_x

'Till the Next,

Je suis en vacances des que je termine ce post! :'D
J'ai hâte...
Ça fais un moment je n'ai pas vu la famille - ça vas être bien bien bien!

Si il n'y a pas un autre post avant la nouvelle an, bonne fêtes a tous!! Et pour ceux qui attendent leur dessins, je vais les envoyer quand je rentre chez moi x_x


Donna Hyun Lee said...

Awesome figure drawings and sketches. They feel so alive!

Kristian said...

Merry Christmas man.
These are once again very beautiful.
number 4 is a cracker. Such a lovely pose from the model. You have captured it with panache.

Hugues Opter said...

Cool les obs, on se lasse jamais d'en regarder quand c'est bien vivant comme les tiennes.

et merci pour tes comentaires :)

Stine Sæthre said...

I already told you this, but love, love, love the first one~ and the one of Nolwenn is great, really looks like her :)

L ROSSI said...

Thank you n.n

Hope you had a good one man! n.n
Thank you :') She was one of the better models - I loved her poses!
Aaaaand I just wrapped up you parcel ;)

C'est gentil, merci :)

Takk så mye!!
Vi sees :))

Danette said...

Ooooh c'est ma copine Lwenn en dernier!!! Bravo elle est beeeeelle!

rufus blacklock. said...

Just beautiful sketches as always :) Love coming to your blog!

Hedvig said...

Beautiful sketches! :)

executeyk said...

Hello! Your figure studies are lovely, with lines and without-those shadow studies really pop. Which is your favorite medium? Pencil, pen, brush? :-)

L ROSSI said...

Merci! n.n Je suis ravi que tu l'as reconnue!

Thank you sir!


Thank you!
Argggh it's an ever changing preference...I guess for life drawing, charcoal will always be up there...
At the minute I'm trying out different mediums to find one which suits the direction I want to go in in terms of style... it's hard!! :S

Nicholas Hong said...

beautiful drawing!

Antonia Yordanova said...

Oh man, those life drawings are great! I really like the way you illustrate the figure with light as it were :)))
I'm starting to learn how to paint now and this really gives me an idea of what I might try and go for, but anyways, just thought I'd drop you a line, cos I really like your work!! Keep it up! :))

L ROSSI said...

Thank you!

Aww thanks so much Antonia! I see you're at Bournemouth!! *o*
Hope all is well there - look forward to seeing those paintings n.n

Antonia Yordanova said...

You can call me Toni! :))
Nice to meet you!
Yeaah, I'm at AUCB :P Although right now I'm on a placement in China :D
Thanks for the follow!! And again, great work! :))))