Monday, February 18, 2013

Morning Sun

The moment on the line 6 when the train leaves Passy towards Bir-Hakeim can be magical when the sun is out. I mean the view ain't half bad when there are heavy clouds either, but there's just something about sunshine - going from darkness into light - that just takes that feeling of hope inside of you and yanks it right up passed your eyeballs so that everything you can imagine, when seen through these new hope filled eyes, has the potential to be something special; makes you feel YOU have the potential to be something special. Accompanied by some choice tunes (and if you're lucky, the petit déjeuner bought for by the lead on arrival at the studio) and you've got the beginnings of a wonderful day n.n

Le moment quand le train quitte Passy en direction Bir-Hakeim peut être magique quand il y a du soleil. La vue n'est pas moche non plus quand il y des nuages, mais il y a quelque chose avec le soleil - d'aller d'obscurité dans la lumière - qui prend l’espoir a l’intérieur et le tire au-dessus de tes yeux, pour que tout tu peux imaginer, en voyant avec ses yeux brillant, ont le potentiel d’être quelque chose spéciale; ça te fait sentir que toi même a le potentiel d’être quelque chose spéciale. Avec quelques morceaux du moment, et si t'es chanceux, le petit déjeuner acheter par le lead dès que t’arrive au studio, et t'as le début d'une journée parfaite n.n

And I don't remember which shot I was working on THAT day, but it must have been a B#√©µ if I got up so early it was still night time! :'D
Et je me rappelle plus quelle plan je faisais CE jour la, mais il était forcement un P#√©µ si je suis allé si tôt le matin qu’il faisais toujours nuit!

But anyway! How have you been? What's new?!
Fin bref. Comment vas tu? Quoi de neuf??

Poses between 10-15min
Last Image 5min poses

Some Playblast doodles.
Quelques gribouilles pendant Playblasts.

"I see that I'm a little piece in a big, big universe." n.n

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who I've met on 'Despicable Me 2', who helped me in one way or another and just made the experience a great one! Especially Nico, Antoine and Nölwenn. I'm finishing up this week after 8 months and am in line for some time off before the next film - time to travel a bit, catch up with folk, aaaaand also start and finish the next PROJECT_ installment!
I'm not gonna say what it is. Just know that FX maestro Timms will be returning, as well as two new additions to the team (which I am super excited about! *.*)...... and now that I've said I'm gonna be doing this, I have to make sure I knuckle down and make it happen :'D

Je veux juste prends un moment a dire merci a tout les gens j'ai rencontré sur 'Moi Moche et Méchant 2' et ceux qui m'ont aidé d'une façon ou d'un autre et qui ont fait l’expérience génial! Surtout Nico, Antoine et Nölwenn. Je finis cette semaine et j'aurai du temps avant le prochain film - temps pour voyager, voir des gens qui me manque ET commence le prochain PROJECT_ épisode! Je vais pas vous dire ce que c'est. Il faut juste savoir que le maître de FX, Timms, reviens, ainsi que deux nouveaux additions a l’équipe (lesquelles je suis tellement ravi d'avoir *.*)..... et maintenant que je viens de le dire, il faut que je le fasse!! :D

'Till the Next,


Chris Cormier said...

You are the king of epic posts, man. Just incredible. Love the morning sun pieces. Beautiful work!

Donna Hyun Lee said...

WOW!! I love your first sketches! It's almost like looking at a film! Beautiful lighting!

Théo said...

You have no idea how much i love this post.

fados do lar said...

That light is amazing!!
Such as your wonderful sketches.
I specially like the sketchbook ones. Great job!
Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration :)

Helen Ström said...

Waoooow!!! I love your post!!! The first part is absolutely beautiful Laurent!!! How did you do those pages that look like a new "style", something I've never seen elsewhere!!?? They are magical to my eyes! he he Looks like watercolor and like you I love when the light plays around with our eyes, our mind and state of being. I feel here, in your pages, exactly what you mean! Bravo, bravo!
Ps, I need to meet you before you leave for the US, got a small package for someone, if you could bring it with you? : )
Hope you are doing fine, it looks like so!
A hug!

Dan said...

Those paintings from the train ride are super fn cool Laurent, really nice work.

Amy Elsam said...

Aghhh! Amazing stuff, Laurent. The train drawings are phenomenal and I really love that doodle of Hushpuppy squirreled away there.

Also, thanks so much for sending the One Day art, man. Really nice stuff. My wall's looking that wee bit lovelier right now. :D

messytimbo said...

wow man those top images are rad! gosh so lovely. you really captured the atmosphere in those.

Gabriel Lin said...

This stuff is amazing!!! The lighting's fantastic

Sean McCormack said...

Well slap me upside the head and call me nancy...
Laurent, you just took top post prize of the week and it's only Tuesday!
Such a Legend!!!

Frankie Swan said...

once more the bar has risen!

Ben Ho said...

Congrats on finishing up DM2. Im so looking forward to your next collaboration with Matt. I bet its another Street Fighter isn't it?
Also, I am loving your painting style. They look just like still frames from a fully animated film.
Hey, give us a shout if you are passing by London.

Alfredo said...

wow! the fisrt colored drawings are brilliant!

executeyk said...

Morning sun- you've captured the light and especially that indescribable feeling. Makes me want to escape into those scenes. Wonderful

Joël CORCIA said...

Oh putain Laurent ! Super bien tes images en couleur ! Tu devrais en faire plus !
Tu finis dm2 alors ! J'espère qu'on se verra avant ton voyage ! Tu prends des vacances bien mérité !

Franco said...

Wow! Je suis sans mots!C'est littéralement incroblaye!!

L ROSSI said...

Thank You Everyone! :))

Heh, I wish they were watercolour, but they're just my sketches in my moleskine scanned in and coloured digitally. Content que tu les aimes! A très bientôt n.n

Yay I'm glad you received it!!
Also - I NEED to start using the word 'squirreled' as much as possible ;P

:'DD Well, I won't slap you, but I'm happy to call you Nancy! n.n

I'm not saying what it is.... but don't hold your breath for SF :P
I could maybe, possibly, pass through London at some point in a couple of months - I'll let you know! Hope you're well!

Merci mon ami n.n
Oui! On peux se voire maintenant - plus d'excuses! ;P

Nölwenn Roberts said...

HO! ho...well...ho! Those drawings are all awesome! I love the one with a little piece of sketchbook on the corner. I'm sad you're leaving soon, but you'll have time to think about your new secret project so WOOT (; (haha yes now you said it you'll have to do something - or everyone will ask "so, what, have you done something yet?)

Also the video is a great idea ☼ ☼

Aaron Ludwig said...

I love these. All of these.

Tamara Marcus said...

Lol, this place makes me happy for some reason, miss your posts! Welcome back!! Hope you had a great holiday ^^

Pierre Lesca said...

Je commente rarement, mais la ...
Ce post me motive au plus haut point, alors je voudrais juste dire merci !

roory said...

Hey Laurent!... for some reason I've only just Tonight caught your Film... man I'm blown away!... loved it.. watched it 3 times in a row!... beautiful work man.

Anyway great to see you still producing awesome stuff, hope life is treating you well.


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Wow, this is all lovely! Those first images are particularly gorgeous.

L ROSSI said...

Thanks all!!

Merci mlle Roberts!
Oui - il y aura beaucoup de choses qui vont me manquer... :')

Aww merci! Ça me fait plaisir!

AH! Hey man! Good to hear from you and glad you liked the film :'D
(3 times!! Gosh!)
All is cool this side of the channel n.n I hope Scotland is treating you well!

Marguerite Dumans said...

Can't tell you hooow much I love your first pics ! What a light ! Since I've been over there at those hours -during my internship this summer-, it feels so real to me ! With the chilly weather in addition ! I like the way you 'rendered' the frame as well, makes you want to see the "whole" short of your travel like that :P

I read you're going away for holidays ??? Where where ? ;p You've finished your time as the studio ? (Maybe I should read all the comments to get those answers... hehe :p oops/sorry)

Looking foward to your new post ! x

Dana said...

Woah those colored bits up top are pretty choice dude.

Anthony Holden said...

Holy moly, what a beautiful collection of work! You leveled up again--inspiring!

L ROSSI said...

Hey! Merciiiii
Je vais partout partout!!! XD
Tu verras sûrement dans les postes qui viennent ;)
J’espère que les films d'Annecy vont bien! J'ai hâte de voir le tien!! :))

Cheers!! (It's been a while - I need to find out how you're getting on/got on with your film! :3)

Thank you Mr. Holden!! n.n

Santiago Montiel said...

woooow! Superbes images! J'adoore!