Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pret a Manger Dessiner

I think the last time I offered advice on this blog it was to put suncream on your feet when wearing flip-flops. Well this time I have some more invaluable words of wisdom; Don't put your coat on the back of your chair when you go to a café or you'll get all your money stolen (ESPECIALLY around Gambetta... u.u)
Je crois que le dernier fois j'ai partager un peu de conseil c'était de mettre la crème solaire sur les pieds quand on porte des tongs. Cet fois ci j'ai encore de sages conseils précieux; ne mettez pas vos vestes sur le dos d'une chaise dans un café ou tout l'argent vous avez sera volé (SURTOUT autour de Gambetta...u.u)

And you know, people give you advice all the time that makes sense and, for the most part, you take it. But some pieces of advice just don't sink in until the 'thing' happens to you and you learn it the hard way.
Ah, Life n.n
Et vous savez, les gens on donnent de conseils tout le temps et, le plupart du temps, on le prends. Mais quelques conseils sont pas absorbé jusqu’à le moment ça t'arrive et tu l'apprends à la dure.
Ah, la vie n.n

Poses between 2-20min
(and extra for the digital paintings :3)

I hope you're all doing well! n.n
'Till the Next,

P.S I've just seen how many followers I have... and the BLUEGRASS version of THIS song jumped into my head XDDD Shout outs to CRFA 2012!!!! (Sorry if you're easily offended ;))...."369, la la la..."


Stéphanie said...

Trop beaux tes nus beige/bleu/rouge ! J'approuve !

Stine Sæthre said...

Liking the top ones a lot! Especially the page with the profile. I know what you mean about the advise thing, not realizing it until it happens to you... I had my first pink wash the other day :D (Lars's laundry included...) It was more of an unlucky moment, but still one learns to pay more attention..ehem.. Not as bad as getting all your money stolen though!

Kristian said...

Oh man. These are beautiful. The Three panels with the added PS touches are heavenly.
p.s Sad to hear about your money. peace

DSM said...

IF IT will make you feel better...
I remembered to take my coat but NOT the fanny-pack (under the coat) that had my life in a bunch 0f cash as I had just returned from vacation. Waaah!

The first drawing knocks me out: the value on the tip of his nose. You sure know alot about textures, focus, etc. I'm too old to go back to school.

Helen Ström said...

Sorry to hear that they stole your wallet!! Or only money? Id? If you have everything in the wallet (like me) that's terrible. Did you block the credit card? Loose you passport? You'll need it soon,... I think!
Be carful, pocket pickers are everywhere! Specially nowadays.
The other day a running man came towards me in the street, he got clumsy (he had ten people running behind himself) and fell right by my side. Like in slow motion he got up and ran again, still with the stolen bag, even though I had tried to tear it out of his hands ;)... Finally he got caught and the lady got her stuff back, and I left the scene. Somebody behind me said; "it's so tiering, it happens every day!" (it was in Madeleine's neighborhood's streets so busy at lunchtime). And nothing much to do about it.
So, be attentive and careful please.

Donna Hyun Lee said...

your sketches never cease to amaze me :) your figure drawings are beautiful!

jLou said...

ooh! nice studies :D

L ROSSI said...

Merci mlle Mercier! Je suis ravi de l'entendre n.n

Tussen Takk!
:D Ah the Pink Wash! Poor Lars!
.... though when it happened to me and I turned up to basketball with pink socks, people thought it was actually pretty cool and it was more of a fashion thing :'D

Thanks man! Ah don't sweat it. Just more annoyed with myself for letting it happen!

OH gosh - I can only imagine. I'm sure my expereince is nothing compared to what other people may have had happened to them.... I hope it all worked out though!! :3
Thank you for the kind words!

Gosh! You tried to take the bag off him! O.O You should be careful too!!
C'est bizarre par contre - je crois que je n'ai jamais vu ça ici... surtout autour de Madeleine(!)
(C'était que de l'argent - heureusement)

Thank you so much!


Ben Ho said...

Love these mate! I am liking your experiments with the textured work combined with negative space in the lady figure drawing.
Sorry to hear about the life lesson you had to learn :/ But that song makes it seem alright :P

Melissa Ballesteros said...

lovely scenes

Marion Roussel said...

Pareil que Steph ! J'adore les nus beige : )

Bsom said...

Super classe tout ça ! :D
Bisous !

L ROSSI said...

Cheers Sir! heh heh n.n
I'll be seeing you soon! ;)

Thank you kindly!

AH! Merci Marion! n.n

Cimer mec!
Tu m'as manqué ce soir!

Tom Law said...

Oh dang that's awful about you coat....HAHAHA glad to know you still have that song stuck in your head.

Elaine Wu said...

ahh i love the paintings!!! so beautiful!

Miki Montlló said...

Merci beaucoup for yor comment Laurent! Im glad you like it. I've been checkin your stuff and its really really good! Love your use of light.
I hope that one day we can work together! Animation business its so small.



L ROSSI said...

In my head I said, '369' and, automatically I continued, 'damn you're fine'. XD You brainwashed me!!!

Thank yooou!

Cheers! It certainly is small, so who knows! n.n

Anonymous said...

dude, your sense of design never ceases to amaze me. The level of depth you get in these small images and the amount of atmosphere you gain with such a limited palate it just so delicious. *A*

Carlos León said...


Jean Liang said...

Amazing work! O . O absolutely beautiful!

Nikhita said...

Amazing sketches! You're just getting more and more awesome!! Great lighting and textures and mood! <3