Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tant Pis

After almost a year without gracing the old, stiflingly sweaty atelier, I picked the right day to head back to La Grande Chaumière!
What a nice surprise! Two models for the price of one!
I had only ever drawn two models at the same time once before..... and even then it was with two guys with whom the poses were much less interactive than what I came across Saturday X'D
Après presque un an sans mettant un pied dans le vieux, étouffant atelier, j'ai choisi la bonne journée de retourner à La Grande Chaumière!
Quelle bonne surprise! Un modèle dessiné un offert!!
J'ai dessiné 2 modèles au même temps seulement une autre fois - c'était avec 2 mecs, du coup le coté 'interactive' était moins de ce que vous voyez ici X'D

Our first pose was somewhat 'safe' - side by side, leant against a wall with the girls hand placed sheepishly on the gentleman's chest...
But the gasps and "oh la la"s that could be heard from around the room as they were easing into their next, floor based pose, made me laugh!! She was laid across his lap, her head placed just over his nether-regions :3 Bearing in mind, these were two models whom I'm pretty sure weren't a couple :D
Well, all I can say is it was good thing for us there were no limits to their respect for each other's personal space!
Le premier pose n'était pas trop risqué, mais les aspirations et "oh la la"s que j'ai entendu quand ils étaient entrain de trouver leur deuxième pose m'a fait rire!! Sa tête juste au-dessus de sa... (dernier image). Je crois pas ils étaient un couple en plus :D
Heureusement pour nous il n'y avais pas des limites a leur respect pour l'espace personnel!
5-10 minute poses
The sweet old retired chap next to me (who was sooo elated to find out we both had Italian origins and that my family name was Rossi, that he eagerly scanned the room to find a friend who also had said heritage just to let them know there was another amongst the throng X'D) was getting a little weary from all the acrobatic poses that during one change, he said aloud, "Can we not do something more simple?".
If you can't stand the heat, get out the atelier! :P
Le papi a coté de moi (qui était ravi de savoir que nous deux avions des origines Italien et mon nom de famille était Rossi, qu'il a scanné la salle pour trouver une amie de la même héritage, juste pour lui dire que il en a trouver un autre X'D) avait l'air d’être un peu fatigué avec tout les poses acrobatique et pendant un changement il a dit, "On peut pas faire quelque chose plus simple?"
Aucune chance! :P

'Till the Next,
(I deleted the last two images :3)


Nölwenn Roberts said...

Your drawings are so nice! (as usual :) ), I really love the 4th and 6th, love the pauses and love the style =) I'm sorry I left....I hope one day we'll have drawing life courses again at the studio.

Nicola Coppack said...

Incredible! lovely read and very inspiring drawings. =)

Tammy Chang said...

Beautiful life drawings!

Kristian said...

What an experience Laurent. Two figures is always a challenge but so worth it. I love how you always captured the relationship between them both. The facial expression really gives us all we need. Beautiful work signore Rossi.

L Rossi said...

Merci muchacho!
Yes! I think it's time we sorted that out n'est pas! n.n

Thanks! :)

Thank you kindly!

Cheers dude! :)
Ah it was so much fun - their poses were so expressive and it was fun to imagine what kind of situation (storywise) each of the poses would have been found in.
Hope all is well!

miniPau said...

Very beautiful lines...

jLou said...

Niiice~ You saved the best pose last~ sigh, I'm jelly XD

L Rossi said...

Thank you :)

X'D jelly?? Thanks Jamie! n.n

Ophelie Cohen said...

De très belles courbes dans tes croquis :O ! Vraiment j'admire, les modèles ont fait du bon travail aussi!

Pauline Champetier said...

C'est super, très expressif ! j'adorerais assister à un cours comme ça

executeyk said...

Ever since google dropped its reader, I slacked on checking blogger feeds. But I'm missing WAY too much good stuff! Like the top image here especially knocked my socks off! Thanks for the kick of inspiration, friend :)