Monday, August 12, 2013


I would highly recommend watching Stand by Me and The Hurt Locker.
Je vous recommande vivement Stand By Me et Démineurs.

As for Snow White and the Huntsman, ummm.... no u.u
Mais pour Blanche Neige et le Chasseur, ummm.... non u.u

'Till the Next,


Dan said...

Nice Gordie and Teddy sketches man. You couldn't have picked two different films haha. Stand by Me is a classic, one of the first films I ever remember seeing as a kid.

jLou said...

Hahaha I have never watched snow white and the huntsman. I thought the main cast looked random, or maybe I just try to avoid films with Kristen Stewart as a lead role =P Anyway, awesome sketches, really nice expressions. Film studies are fun~~

eré said...

Awesome Sketchs... Stand by me is one of my favorite movies, I had done this characters design studie imagining a Animated TV Series based on this characters

Ana M.F. said...

the stand by me sketches are great!

L Rossi said...

Thanks man!
Yeah, I sure waited a long time to see it :3
I guess they are pretty different huh :'D Variety is the spice of life as they say! ;)

:D Is that soo!
I only chose to watch it 'cos I wanted to put on a film whilst I was doing something else, and thought it best be one I wasn't too involved in :3
That said, it did the job and I was entertained (N.B brain had been removed)..... but yeah, Kristin Stewart has the same facial expression throughout the whole film XD

Thanks! n.n
It's a lot of fun to draw your fav characters from films!
Great job on the designs! I could definitely see it as an animated series :)

:) Thank you kindly, Ana!

sarah said...

I haven't stopped by your blog in a while. These are gorgeous sketches and so full of life! Lovely! I love your previous life-drawing post, too. Makes me think of a model who once complained to me how awkward it was this one time she was hired to pose with a male model, who she thought was a little too friendly and creepy. Ha ha. :)

messytimbo said...

Ah man, stand by me is one of my favourites!

great drawings big dog! hope your well

Kristian said...

Gordo!!!I love that movie.. like really loved it. I wish I could honor the film as well as you have. Great sketches man.
"two for flinchin'

L Rossi said...

Hey :)
Aww thanks! Yeah, I can imagine the awkwardness if the models aren't compatible :S Not only for the models but also for the people drawing them! Like, you're drawing something your not reeeeally meant to be drawing :D

All is well dude! :)
I'll be gatecrashing you guys again soon ;)

"Ouch" ;D
Thanks man! Hey - I caught someone checking out your tumblr at work the other day - I didn't say anything but felt all warm and fuzzy inside :D

Kristian said...

hahahah really? Maybe they were there by mistake.
But I'm happy it made you feel warm and fuzzy.
peace bro

Ophelie Cohen said...

merci pour le commentaire :) Tout va bien oui :p c'est bientot la rentrée! Et pour toi? ^^