Thursday, December 12, 2013

5, 25, 5 min

Still trying to find 'it'.
Toujours à la recherche.

'Till the Next,


Justin Rodrigues said...

These are gorgeous man! you've been killing it lately!

Helen Ström said...

Nice work. You got something, maybe not "it" that you are searching for, but they look great!! They seem stronger and more confident than before!

L Rossi said...

@ Justin
Thank you :)

:D It's 'something' alright!
It's just funny how we can use the same medium, in what seems the same way, and yet the results can be so different every time - but I'm sure you feel the same with watercolour which is probably the most random medium! :D

Helen Ström said...

AI think that's what makes it interesting... sometimes frustrating too. To know anything can happen when we take the same old pencil it's the point of it, don't you think?

L Rossi said...

:D I like happy accidents, sure, but sometimes I wish I could do 'whatever just happened' consistently.... sometimes I like the pose and proportions etc but the way it's done doesn't please me, and sometimes I love how the render came out but the actual drawing is awful. It's nice to be able to make them both click at will :D

Théo said...

Ouch, c'est du lourd, j'adore :D

Maria Concejo said...

cool !