Thursday, April 17, 2014

THE LINE - Animation Podcast

My buddies over at THE LINE have been very busy recently.
Not only are they producing top quality work, but they have also been interviewing Animation Professionals as part of their PegBar & Grill resource. As well as putting up new and inspiring animation content on the site for all of us nerds, these podcasts offer an invaluable insight into the working life of those in the game.
Episode 4 features fellow Bournemouth alum, Aya Suzuki, and it's the best yet. For anyone remotely interested in how the Japanese Animation industry works, the transition between European to Japanese working methods and what it's like to work for Satoshi Kon & Hayao Miyazaki, then this is for you.

The previous episode features Ant Blades (aka BirdBox Studios) and from what I hear they've got a whole load of other interesting folk lined up, so subscribe to them on iTunes and show some love :)

'Till the Next,

Mes amis chez THE LINE a Londres font des podcasts hyper intéressant en parlant avec des gens qui bossent dans l'animation. Cette épisode ils parlent avec Aya Suzuki qui a bosser en tant qu'animateur en Europe et au Japon, pour des réals comme Sylvain Chomet, Satoshi Kon et Hayao Miyazaki. C'est en Anglais et ils ont tous des accents différents ;D mais si vous voulez oser, ça vaux le coup! Il y aura pleins d'autres épisodes avec des gens archi cool donc il faut s’inscrire sur iTunes ;P


Ken said...

Ill check it oot.

But I must say I am disappointed by the lack of drawings in this post Mr Rossi!

What am I paying you for?!

smi said...

Next time, it'll be your turn to share your experience in the podcasts ! :D