Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fête de la Musique & Life Drawing Session 08

So for Fête de la Musique I went along to the Jardin de Luxembourg where there was a little concert featuring various acts. 'Te Hina O Motu Haka' were my favourite of the day!

Minutes: 25, 2s, 20

After struggling with my 2nd attempt at watercolour in Jardin De Lux (my first being a day trip to the zoo...... the fact there are no images in this post tells you how THAT went :/), at least my spirits were lifted by the progression of Project_Gouken!
It's all been cleaned up now, with the timing strengthened, and as I type (well maybe not right now... maybe he's having dinner), Fx Maestro, Matt Timms, is animating the special effects for it - So that's to say all the smoke, explosions, impacts, fire, energy waves, rainbows..... I can't wait! :D

'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

Oooo very pretty!
Where to start??
Really loving your life drawing as per usual, looks really solid. Its cool to see the life model reading a book... thats money well earned for her! :P
The water colour tribe folk are AWESOME!! Nice simple washes of colour are really effective!! :D I LIIIKE!!
Good ol Jardin de Lux.... never fails to impress!! :D
I'd like to have seen your animals... i bet they were good!!
Also, REALLY looking forward to Project Gouken- part 2!! Matt's stuff is looking sooooo good.... i bet he'll kick ass with your stuff!! :D
Are you going to colour it all? Backgrounds?? Ooooo Its going to be fun!! I'd love to see you do a production still, if you haven't already!! I get really excited when i think of the fun you could have with polishing it off with colour and highlights etc!! :D
Any who, this is a mighty comment, so i'll leave it at this for now!!
Good luck!!
Keep the good stuff coming!! :D

Kristian said...

Wowsas! Once again Rossi kills it. A post with the full Gamut of drawing Livery. Firstly, drawing dancing is hard and you have given me all the information I need to really feel the performance.
The life drawing also show that essence. Especially in the panle of the four images in a sort of sequence, elegant lines.
Wonderful man, sumptuous

L ROSSI said...

Thanks TC :P Though the animals were bad - trust me!
Yep, Gouken's gonna be rocking shadow left, right and center!

Aww thanks dude! I wish I could use watercolour like you - you make it look so easy!! How long was it before you started getting the hang of it?
(And don't say you haven't got the hang of it, 'cos I've seen the evidence! :D)

DSM said...

Yeah, Polyneeeeesian! That's the best party music. Nice sketches (and a sweet writ to T.Cat, too.)

L ROSSI said...

Yeah right! They were awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

Once again, the little watercoloured characters look amazing, they look even better in your sketchbbok :)

Gill Face said...

Jeez! It's all happening in Paris! If me and matt come for a weekend can u show us all these brilliant drawing spots and take us to a life drawing class!!!??.

L ROSSI said...

Flattery will get you everywhere!

Sure thing! :)