Thursday, June 9, 2011

PROJECT_GOUKEN Ends........For Now.....

Animation=Done :)

Having worked on the Dofus Teaser (which hopefully some of you may have had the chance to see this week at Annecy), it really gave me the urge to try something really fast paced and action packed! I learned a lot from working on it, especially about how you can really push the spacing. I remember seeing one shot that had a character flying around, and I didn't understand how that when he jumped, it wasn't liked the 'bouncing ball' type spacing, it really felt like he was getting sucked into the ground on descent. I asked an animator about it and he said, "Do you think it looks good?", I replied, "Yeah, it looks awesome".... "So there you go! It's animation - you can do what you want!" He then proceeded to draw a conventionally spaced chart, followed by a chart with all the frames pushed to either end and nothing in the middle, "Sometimes, you can do this".....

So, when something moves REALLY fast, the audience doesn't need to see it.... Just FEEL it. When we see the before and after, our brains fill in the rest.

So I tried to run with this idea and I had a blast doing it! It was a really fun approach to tackle using Flash, as Flash can be a really cool tool for animation (if you can put up with all it's faults!) - playing with the timing and spacing on the fly.

There's a lot more I would like to do to this - layouts, clean up, colour, compositing ..... I'd also like to go over Akuma (the other character) as he's a bit generic in terms of design - as you can tell, I didn't do a model sheet or turnaround for him! Whether or not I can do all that though is another matter....

So for now, I hope you like my little test!
'Till the Next,


"TORI CAT" said...

in the word's of Pooh "Bloody Brilliant!!!"
This is GREAT!!!
So much fun and so very you!!! I love it!!!
I can tell you had lots of fun doing this.
I really love your Gouken design! He has a lot of character!!
The zippy speed lines really help the fast pace of action!! It looks great.
It would be super to see you maybe take one frame of your animation and clean and colour it up with a BG, to make a production still of your intended final look.
You could even pump out a few quick colour keys to see the different moods colour can give to the over all atmosphere of your piece.
I think it would be great to see some really firey reds with bleached out white for the effects or maybe some midnight blues with a dynamic moon light rims on the characters!! The effects would look great in a real piercing aqua blue and white with maybe some magenta!! Oooo exciting!! It makes me wanna paint just thinking about how it could all look!! :D

Keep up the amazing work!!
Im super impressed with all your hard work and determination to constantly improve!!!!! Your improving more and more with every post and its very encouraging to see!!
Keep on going!! Your going to go far, you certainly deserve to!!

Thanks for all your help and support!



L ROSSI said...

"Bluddie Brillyant!" Awww.. :)
Great idea about a production still - that definitely seems manageable! Lovely ideas too!
I had thought to have the whole place lit by candle light (they're in a temple), and then when Gouken zips through the fireball and hits Akuma, the shockwaves put out all the candles one after the other and like you said, then it's all moon lit through the massive gaps in the ceiling (the building's run down).
Thanks for your kind words - it really means a lot :)

"A story a day..." kind of rock! :P

Frankie Swan said...

oh man... this is so...i mean when he jumps.. then bang and its all like... wow. shit i dont know what to say. u can do everything i wish i could do in animation!i shall study this hard master Rossi. and in flash??!!! inspirational as always sir.

libra bear said...

Dude, DDUUUUUUDE, This looks fantastic, I'm really impressed. I can tell you learnt a lot from Ankama. It has such a great feel to it. You planing on becoming a Sakuga??? And to think you havent even started at Gobelins yet.....dammnn!! Did you send it to sean? Man I feel so proud of you :)

We have to talk, skype?
(sorry I missed your message by the way)

Anthony Holden said...

Radical! This turned out super nice. By the by, great football gestures below!

L ROSSI said...

Thanks dude :) From what I've seen, your project's coming along nicely! Not long left now right?? Look forward to seeing it all done! Best of luck for the final stretch!

Sakuga! lol They have to do everything, and you saw my layouts right - or lack thereof!! haha
I'll stick to just trying to to learn how to animate for now!
Yeah man, I'll see ya on Skype!

Thank you Anthony!
The little kid playing football was fun to do - give a kid a ball and they'll amuse themselves for ages, perfect for drawing :) Hell, give me a ball and I'll do he same! :D

Jez Tuya said...

haha! you're out of control! :P

Matt Timms said...

wow dude, this looks so sweet! cant wait to see it finished. Love the hints of FX magic that could happen, i look forward to seeing more :)

graeme brandham, animator. said...

Hey man, looks siick! I saw the trailer of Dofus at Annecy and was pretty impressed. If only I had seen you I would have said hi. :) But yer stunning animation, fast paced, dynamic. Keep it up!!

L ROSSI said...

:D Thanks!......(That's meant to be a good thing, right?! lol)

Hey man, thank you! Dude, I suck at effects - my mind just boggles - so if you have some free time and want in on this, hit me up, 'cos from what I've seen of your stuff lately, you are quite the magician!

Cool! glad you got to see the trailer :)
Hope your Annecy experience was a fun filled and memorable one!
I'm sure we'll bump into each other one day!:D
Take it easy!

messytimbo said...

Hahahahah Yes!! Dude you smashed it! well done you must be proud. It's a really brilliant action sequence.

If I may be so bold and offer my 10pence, I'd say have some slow part at the start. It jumps straight into the action and I feel that it needs a tiny quite before the storm so you can appreciate fully when it kicks off.

Great job man, i Hope you finish it!

Matt Timms said...

Hey dude, that sounds pretty awesome! I would be well up for that. I will give you a shout online.

L ROSSI said...

My my! You Sir, are incredibly bold!
lol ;)
For sure man - you're so right. I just didn't want to animate all the slow stuff :P
I did actually board the before and after, but only animated the section I wanted to do. I could of put the boards in as they were with the anim...but they were really crap... so I didn't lol
Glad you liked it!

Project_Gouken lives on!

Sean McCormack said...

Wooot woooot Laurent!
This is awesome! Yaaaay for street fighter geeks! I so wanted to do something like this as soon as I bought Matvel Vs. Capcom 3... now I have to come up with another idea!!! Darn it! Love the pace! The movement and the spiffing poses! Well done dude! Oh and I saw the Dofus trailer at Annecy as well, after I picked my eyes off the floor and popped them back onto their sockets I ended up standing there watching it loop fot about 20mins! It truly rocks! And I hear ur going to Gobelins! U star!! Well done all over!

Marguerite Dumans said...

Heyyyy Laurent !

Cheers for ur message ! I'm so glad I made it ! The dream became reality ! Feels weiiird ! ^^ Now I better do really GREAT updates and OFTEN... (lol) Pressure !

But Geeee ur so damn-active ! I can't even try to update my blog that often !!! lol I'll have that rythmn, maybe, someday, aha ! I might steal ur secriiite strenght to be that of a hard and good worker :) ur work really really is impressive ! =) God, God, I need to improve ! =)

Anyway :P I might see u around ! Meanwhile, take care :P

Ken said...

dude! This is looking epic! haha lovin it. My only crit would be to pace it a bit better so all the action is readable! But I cant wait to see where you take this. AWESOMENESS.

ioan said...

puissant ton taff

Kingjameshing said...

Awesome stuff dude! Only crit would be when Gouken bursts through Akumas flame-majigi to slow motion it down for a sec.

(around the 1 min mark)

Peace out! Jx

L ROSSI said...

Hey man! Meh... I stopped playing MvC3... too much for my SF brain to handle!
Glad you liked the teaser and my little test too :)
Hope you're keeping well!

Salut et merci!
lol maintenant tu as reussi d'y aller, ca veut dire pas que tu doit faire plus de blogging! En fait ca veut dire que il y aura moins posts de toi a grâce de tout le travail d'école! :P
à bientôt!

Why don't you make your eyes just work faster man! :P
lol naa, you're right, next version is on it's way (still fast... but less fast...:D)

Merci pour la compliment! Moi, je ne me sens pas que mon travail est puissant encore, mais ca me plait que tu pense l'inverse! :)

Cheers dude!
That would be very cool - I take it from the suggestion your volunteering to animate the slow motion section? With all the slow motion smoke, flames and dust peeling off him? lol
Too much work for me I'm afraid! I'll compromise and try a Freeze Frame :)

Kingjameshing said...

If your doing it in flash just do it in edit. or render it at 300fps so you can get it real smooth. :3

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Wow, this looks awesome! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey dude! This just looks great, can't wait to see the FX on it ;)
A la prochaine!

L ROSSI said...


Thanks :) I kind of cringe now at the timing a bit.... but
all has been fixed now so it should be better next time around!

Cheers dude! I'll check those videos out tomorrow now the internet has decided to work again!
A très bientôt!!