Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outside St. Eustache

My sketchbook has been filled up for sometime - there's no space left anywhere! But rather than being sensible and getting a new one, I've been putting wads of Post-Its in there (you know I love Post-Its!). It's pretty cool - once the book starts getting too fat to close properly, I just peel them out and put fresh ones in and hey presto, a new sketch book... almost :)

'Till the Next (in like 5mins!),


"TORI CAT" said...

As always Mr Wossi, u never fail to impress me!! :D
Really love all your quick stuff!! Especially the quickie footballers!! :D
I know that church well :) Next time your there, please could you light a candle for ol' pooh bear. He would like that :D
Maybe you could start filling in your "Mizler's Lock" sketch book, when the postits run out and your sketch book become to fat to close!! :P

L ROSSI said...

"Gasp"! SHHhhhh! That's top secret! :P

lostinarc said...

These are awesome sketches.....great lines..

Dana said...

That was intense! Man I don't know why I never visited this blog before it's so full of awesome. Loved your turn around down there too. Is all this in flash?

L ROSSI said...

Hey! Thanks for all your kind comments! I'm glad you left your thoughts because it meant I was able to be introduced to your work... which is mightily impressive! Your paintings are awesome!

Aww, thanks Dana. Yep, it's all animated in Flash in a kind of 'traditional sense'. Though with the turnaround I cleaned and coloured the last stages in Photoshop...